Living in a house as opposed to living in a flat has many advantages and disadvantages. For example, living in a house, especially in one that has a yard as well does require more time for maintenance and cleaning, Many people agree on this being the greatest disadvantage. However, if you know how to maintain and clean your house and yard properly, you will surely not consider it a disadvantage at all. If you’re interested in learning how to achieve this with a few simple routine tasks that keep your yard looking fantastic, keep reading!

Mind the lawn

One of the top tips for maintaining a beautiful yard definitely starts with the lawn. As lawn makes up almost the whole yard, it’s something we should start with. First things first, make sure that your lawn gets at least one inch of water every week. The most efficient way to do this is by installing a sprinkler and measuring one inch of water with an empty tuna can. This is a good trick to avoid over-watering, which can cause additional problems. If you wish to have lush, vivid-green and healthy-looking grass, you need to fertilize your lawn at least four times a year. This is the nourishment it takes to be as best-looking as possible. As far as mowing is concerned, you should approach this matter carefully. Grass needs to be cut not too long and not too short. Keep the grass at the perfect height.

How to Keep Your Yard Neat and Clean

Take good care of your patio furniture

Patio furniture is something that is also a part of our yard. However, we don’t always know how to maintain it properly. Basic house cleaning tips suggest cleaning your patio furniture thoroughly at least once a year. The first and the most important rule is to keep your patio covered when you’re not using it, in order to prevent harsh weather conditions from damaging it. Patio furniture that shows indications of wear and tear affects the overall impression of your yard, too. And let’s face it, it’s quite expensive to change it every year. Instead, besides cleaning it regularly, we should also invest in some quality covers to keep it protected and to ensure its long life.

How to Keep Your Yard Neat and Clean

Prune the trees and trim the bushes promptly

Trees and brushes that we have in our yard, not only shape it but also add to its beauty and overall balance. That’s why we should take care of any broken, damaged, or sick branches right away. If you’re not able to do it yourself, you can also hire professionals who will do the job for you. What’s important is to address the issue as soon as possible. Putting away these things can just create more serious problems in the future. On the other hand, unsightly bushes make your yard look overgrown and untidy. Generally, you need to trim the bushes at least once a month. However, this will largely depend on the type of bush in question.

How to Keep Your Yard Neat and Clean

Don’t forget edging – it’s essential for an amazing-looking yard

An edger is an essential tool you really need to get your hands on. It is useful as it helps you edge driveways, sidewalks, patio and other areas in your yard. The best time to edge is right after mowing the lawn. If you do it regularly, it won’t take up so much of your precious time. And it’s really essential as it acts as a cherry on top when it comes to the overall appeal of your yard.

How to Keep Your Yard Neat and Clean

Get rid of weeds

As for the weeds, they always find their way to your yard. It’s key to tackle the issue the moment you notice it. Being proactive will help in reducing time and effort for keeping your yard neat and clean. Remember that weeds are the number one enemy of a remarkable yard.

How to Keep Your Yard Neat and Clean

Maintaining a yard should be similar to maintaining your home. Although, we can somehow find a way to enjoy taking care of our yard, which is not always the case with our home.

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