Laminate floors give the office or home a distinguished look and feel.  They are significantly getting popular day by day as they are highly economical, easy to install, easy to maintain and mostly because of the beautiful look it creates. The options you get when choosing laminate flooring are more than any other kind of flooring. Often it is chosen owing to its high durability, resistant to stains and the less cost it involves. Such kind of floorings can last for many years if they are maintained and restored properly.

Tips to Maintain and Restore the Beauty of The Laminate Floors:

1) Sweeping with Care

In order to prevent any scratches it is recommended that you use only soft bristle brooms to sweep the floor. Sweep the laminate floors softly and with care on regular basis to get rid of dust, grime, residue etc which can settle on the creases and texture.

How to Maintain Laminate Floors?

2) Vacuum Cleaning

Dusts have rough particles which can cause scratches on the floor over time. It is very important that you vacuum clean the floor frequently as it can suck the loose dirt and dusts effectively without many efforts.

How to Maintain Laminate Floors?

3) Mopping with Damp Cloth

Such kind of floorings should be cleaned with a soft microfiber damp mop once a week or fortnightly. Dust and dirt particles settle on the edges and lines of the flooring and so make sure that you clean it properly. Remember don’t use too much water as it can harm the laminated floors and loosen the effectiveness of the adhesives used to install them.

4) Cleaning Stains and Spills

If the floor has stains created by tea, coffee, juice, sauce or any other food product spills then clean it as quickly as possible with a soft damp cloth. Stains caused due to spilling of liquid on the floor can enter the seams which can damage the flooring. You can use a paper towel or a soft cloth to soak the liquid and clean the stains with a damp cloth or a neutral cleaner. If you are using any floor cleaner ensure that you use only the recommended products to preserve the color and texture of the floor.

How to Maintain Laminate Floors?

5) Use Only Recommended Floor Cleaning Products

There are plethora of options when it comes to floor cleaning products. You can find array of cleaning solutions, deep cleaners and restoration products but it’s recommended to use the products suggested by the manufacturers. Some cleaners can fade the color of the laminate floors over a period of time whereas some can damage the texture. It is advisable that you use the floor cleaners periodically to wipe the floor and not daily in order to maintain the shine for a long period.

How to Maintain Laminate Floors?

6) Things to Avoid

The laminate floors are not sealed at their edges. Therefore it makes way for the moisture to enter the flooring. The moisture can affect the adhesive which is used to install the floor and hence this can result in the edges pilling off. Also avoid using any kind of floor polish, wax, abrasive pads, cleaners made of vegetables oils etc as it can damage the surface of the flooring. Many people use cleaning agents like nail polish remover, vinegar and chlorinated solutions to remove the stubborn stains developed on the floor. Such solutions are acidic in nature and it will make the surface dull and hence is recommended not to use them.

The maintenance of the laminate floors should be done by the professionals as they have the knowledge and training to do such works. These experts can guide you the right ways in which you can maintain them regularly.