When you’re travelling, it’s still very important that you look after your oral health! When you’re eating and drinking more, and perhaps less healthy foods, it is more important than ever for you to look after your teeth so you can enjoy the trip without any issues! Staying healthy on vacation might not be at the top of your to-do list, but spend a few minutes a day looking after your oral health, you won’t regret it!

Visit Your Dentist Before The Trip

Our first tip is maybe the most important; to visit your dentist before your trip. Even if you think you have nothing wrong with your teeth and gums, your dentist may be able to pick up on something that you hadn’t or couldn’t notice! This way, if there is something wrong, it can be treated early and prevented from worsening, and any existing issues won’t get worse throughout the trip.

How To Protect Your Oral Health Whilst Travelling

Whether you go to a dentist Leamington Spa based or in Los Angeles, it would be worth finding out whether they offer any cover if you were to need any emergency treatment whilst you are away. This may be covered in your travel insurance (always double check as it usually isn’t), but the cover you can get with specific dental insurance will be much better.

Get Your Travel Sized Oral Products

Our first tip is to pick up travel sized oral products! Pack a small toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and mouthwash, keep them in a small pouch and keep them somewhere easy to grab, so no matter where you are on your travels, you have them to hand. If you’re going for longer, of course it might be more cost efficient to get larger sizes, but having them somewhere easy to grab is always key!

How To Protect Your Oral Health Whilst Travelling

Keep Up Your Usual Routine

Now that you have everything you need packed, it’s time to make good use of them! It can be tempting to let your routine slip when you’re away, but it’s really important for your health that you keep it up. This means thoroughly brushing twice a day, flossing once a day and using mouthwash to keep your teeth, mouth and gums healthy, and you will definitely feel all the better for it. This will be just a few minutes out of your day but it

How To Protect Your Oral Health Whilst Travelling

Drink Plenty of Water

Our next tip is to drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated is super important, even more so if you’re visiting somewhere hot! Drinking water does much more than keep you hydrated, as it helps to remove any food or sugar from drinks that may be stuck in the mouth. This doesn’t do as good of a job as brushing by any means, but it should be an important part of your day as it is great for the teeth between brushing. Not to mention, how great it is for your overall health.

How To Protect Your Oral Health Whilst Travelling

Final Thoughts

It might not be your number one priority to protect your oral health whilst you’re travelling, but it is much better to take a preventative approach! These things are really easy to fit into your travelling routine and you’ll definitely reap the benefits.