Most people follow fashion trends all the time, and it can be hard to distinguish one’s style if one follows trends. This is why accessories and jewellery are so important as they show off your personal style and personality. You can often spend a lot of time curating your accessories, jewellery and watches to create a personal style. You have amazing ties, stunning shoes, dress socks, hand-chosen pieces of jewellery and watches and nowhere to place them in an orderly fashion. It can be hard to imagine how to organise your accessories, but it is best to read this article and go through them separately.

It can be hard to organise your accessories, especially when they are small such as cuff links and pinky rings. There is nothing worse than going into your wardrobe, and then facing a giant mess of clothes, accessories and shoes all cluttered into one small confined space. In this article, we will go through how to organise and store your accessories to keep them uncreased, clean and beautiful.

Tie storage

Neckties come in a wealth of colours, patterns, styles and materials. If you have a large collection, it can be difficult to determine how to store them and keep them nice and organised. Since most ties are made from delicate materials, you don’t want them scrunched up, folded or hung up with the knot still in them will result in them permanently creased and losing shape.

How To Store and Organise Your Accessories

The recommended way to organise your ties is by purchasing a tie rack for your wardrobe. These are very affordable and they do the job well. This will keep all of your ties hung and loose so that no creases are in the ties. If you have any knitted ties, these should not be on a hanger as they will stretch, instead have these rolled up and placed in a drawer organiser. If you have some spare room in your drawer organiser, this will also be great for your pocket squares. Ensure these are folded and placed neatly, if not, you could always have them in your blazer jackets so you are always ready.


If you only use cufflinks every so often, then you could opt for placing them in small leather or fabric pouches to keep them separately. Depending on whether you spend a lot of money on them or just buy a pair when you need them, you could even place them all in a larger fabric bag so that you know where they all are. Unless you are in corporate business, chances are you don’t wear them a lot, so it is easy to lose them when you haven’t worn them in a while. If you spend a lot on your cufflinks, you won’t want them loose, and you won’t want them all combined together. Instead, opt for a cufflink storage box to keep them nice and separate.

How To Store and Organise Your Accessories


For many, organising your socks is not really a thing. Many will often have a drawer full of odd, mismatched and loose socks. If this is you, take them out of that drawer and go through them. Match them up, and throw away anything that is old or damaged and this will give you a good baseline for organising your socks. The correct method to organise your socks is by aligning them together and then rolling them up. This will save the integrity of your cuff. To make it more organised, use drawer separators and separate your socks into everyday socks and then dress socks.

How To Store and Organise Your Accessories


Many people have a range of belts as they can go with a great range of outfits. The saying goes you should so that There are a number of methods to organise your belts. If you have the space in your drawer, you can roll them up and have them together. Another option for your belts is to place some hooks on the inside of your closet, due to them not taking up much space, they can be placed on the side wall of your wardrobe. This will allow you to get to them easily. If you don’t have the space for this, you could get a hanger and place the buckle around the hook and wrap it around the hanger. This presents some difficulty as it can be annoying getting the belts you want if it is at the bottom as you have to take them all off to get to one.

How To Store and Organise Your Accessories


There are two types of people when it comes to watches. There are those who have a day watch and a night watch and then there are others who have a range of watches for all different occasions and outfits. If you are the first type of person, then you should look to keep them in their original box, but this can be frustrating to put them away and open them every day. Another option is to have them in a box together like an old cigar box on your dresser.

How To Store and Organise Your Accessories

If you have a larger collection, chances are you have some investment pieces which should never be stored loose in a box. Instead, opt for a beautiful watch box or accessories box. With a watch box, you are able to store all of your watches neatly which then prevents watches from getting scratched. You will also be able to store any of your watch accessories such as spare spring pins or watch bands if you prefer to change them every so often.