Summer is here and the hot days are already making us of thinking of vacation. There are endless possibilities where and how to relax and cool down. Whether it is a sandy beach or a cool mountain, the goal is one, cool down and relax. If you live near the beach or the mountain this could be easier and cheaper but if you live in the city, then things get complicated. Instead you could try and bring the nature in your backyard.

With the next few tips, you could create the perfect vacation spot right in your backyard.

1. Invest in patio with outdoor kitchen

A great patio is always a smart idea. Depending on the size, you can have one small table for relaxation and another one for dining. Next to it include an outdoor kitchen and you can never get inside this summer. You could invest in a gazebo and lanai sun shades to create a more private area and hide from the hot sun. With this kind of settings your backyard is perfect for family gatherings or spending the days with your friends.

How to Turn your Backyard into the Perfect Vacation Spot This Year?

2. Build a pool and let the water flow in your backyard

The pool is the perfect addition to your backyard for the hot days. Having a pool will make your backyard a perfect vacation spot. You will never think of leaving your backyard. You could include some water features like fountains or water slides. Also a mini bar near the pool or an outdoor kitchen with a fridge for your drinks and your fruit salads is exactly what you need too.

How to Turn your Backyard into the Perfect Vacation Spot This Year?

Investing in outdoor furniture where you can sunbath after swimming is also a good option. Make sure your furniture is water resistant so it will last for more seasons and not get damaged after you get out of the pool.

3. Create a landscape with flowers and trees

If you are more of a mountain person and not really into swimming, you can always invest in great landscaping. Adding different kind of flowers, planting trees and bushes is all you need. Just make sure you plant trees that grow big and create a wide and thick shade. This is a must if you want to protect yourself form the hot sun and enjoy your backyard in a shade.

How to Turn your Backyard into the Perfect Vacation Spot This Year?

As an addition, you can check for some DIY projects of creating birdhouses and birdfeeders and welcome some flying guests to your cool summer nest. The songs from the birds will create the perfect atmosphere and make you think you are indeed in the mountains.

To Sum Up

Traveling is fun, but if you are unable to travel you can always invest in your backyard. Bringing the nature to you is one way of being able to enjoy the hot days in a cool and pleasant environment.