London is the land of historicity and traditionalism. Here you have the world’s illustrious antiquities and you can call this the perfect stopping point for tourists who are just enthusiastic about history of London City. The city has the traces of the perfect past and once you visit the landmarks you come to know about the destination from close. In fact, the city has its own specific style and it is the blend of the contemporary and the traditional at best. London can boast of the World Heritage sites and you have some of the best places to visit and feel so good about. The London goers are just too happy to visit the places of interest and they feel happy to be in London at any time of the year to enjoy the sight scenes at the best.

London has its own story told in style. At the destination you can pleasurably visit The Tower of London, the scintillating Palace of the Westminster, the impressive Royal Botanical Gardens and even the Westminster Abbey. In fact, the historical ambiance of London is great and perfect. It is the worth experience you should have in order to feel the specialty of the destination. London is big and London is happening and it is the worth historical destination which gives the history lovers a chance to spend time with their passion.

Top Rated London Attractions for History Lovers

The Westminster Abbey

For the history lovers Westminster Abbey is one of the perfect places to visit in London. There is the huge Gothic Church at the place and this is the most prominent edifice you can stand and watch at pleasure. This is the destination place for the Coronation and it is also known as the burial site for the British and the English kings and monarchs. You can visit the Abbey from 9.30 am in the morning to 3.30 pm in the evening. The place remains open from Thursday to Tuesday and especially on Wednesdays the Abbey remains open from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm in the evening. This is an added advantage for the history lovers who wish to watch the Abbey for the extra time. Visitors staying at M Hotel by Montcalm in Shoreditch London Tech City have an easy access to this wonderful attraction.

Top Rated London Attractions for History Lovers

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The London Tower

There is the Tower of London for the history lovers and this date back to the time of William the Conquer.  The Tower is given shape by some of the famous and known Kings in England. The Tower got the expansion in the thirteenth century and the present complex stands with all the perfect architectural specialties. You find the historical castle on the northern bank of River Thames. Formerly the Tower was used as the prison from the year 1100 to 1952. The eminent attraction of the place is the assortment of the Crown Jewels.

Top Rated London Attractions for History Lovers

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The Roman Wall of London City

It is time to know in details about the Roman Wall of London. You can call this the defensive wall and it was being constructed by the Romans to well surround and protect the city of the Londinium. These days the wall you can see in fragments as much as been damaged due to time and climactic factors. The Wall stands near the Tower of London and you even find the Barbican in vicinity. The Wall is the perfect London attraction and it is the worth place to be discussed by the passionate historical lovers in London.

Top Rated London Attractions for History Lovers

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The National Gallery in London

You see the National Gallery standing at the Trafalgar Square. The gallery was founded in the year 1824. The gallery stands with the best collection of the world renowned paintings and illustrations and the number is not less than 2000. These are paintings from the 11th century to 1900 and you can call this the must see collection for the London history enthusiasts. To see the collection you don’t have to pay a fee for the reason. The National Gallery of London is considered to be the fourth most notable museum in the genre of global art.

Top Rated London Attractions for History Lovers

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The London Banqueting House

London has the famous Banqueting House. This is the survival part of the Whitehall Palace and it was built at the time of the 17th century and the job was done by Inigo Jones. At the place the execution of Charles 1st took place and this happened at the time of the English Civil War. The place introduces the neo-classical style and the house stands with all the historical significance and you would love to have the view of the historical English architecture.

Top Rated London Attractions for History Lovers

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The Greenwich Place in London

Greenwich is the best place in London to visit for the history lovers. At Greenwich you find some of the important London edifices. You can call the place one of the most important World Heritage sites to visit and enjoy at the same time. You have the best congregation of the landscapes and the buildings and this perfectly symbolizes the English architecture and art from the span of 17th century to 19th century. As part of the heritage site you have the Royal Park and you would also love to be at the historical town centre and other institutional edifices.

Top Rated London Attractions for History Lovers

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The Temple Church in London

As a history lover you can take interest in the Temple Church in London. The place has its location between the River Thames and the Fleet Street. The church dates back to the year 1185. The church was built by the efforts of the Knights Templar. This is the known band of the military monk and the church is treated as the headquarter. The place has been extremely famous down the years and this is the reason the history lovers would prefer to take interest in the same. The church got damaged at the time of the Second World War. Attempt has been made in restoring a part of the edifice but still a huge portion of the same has got damaged in the course of time.

Top Rated London Attractions for History Lovers

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Each year the group of history lovers would visit the London City to experience the pleasure of being in the town of immense grandeur and historical pleasures. The London City holds the best of historical treasures to tingle the interest of the passionate history lovers and they take the best care in nurturing the historical specialties of the town so big, happening and traditional at the same time.