Ever since COVID-19 hit the world, traveling hasn’t been the same. In the early months of the pandemic, stay-at-home orders and travel bans meant that tourists had to suppress their wanderlust. Naturally, this derailed plans for everyone around the globe, especially those who had booked tickets to visit other countries.

In the same vein, people who had planned to move to the UK’s capital faced various disadvantages as well. Changing homes isn’t easy during a global crisis. However, if you’re one of those who can’t wait to start their life in the most bustling place in England, don’t worry.

Moving is mostly a hassle because you need to take all your belongings along with you. The good thing is that you can rent safe storage units to keep your valuables secure at all times.

Regardless, now that countries are relaxing sanctions, traveling is no longer a far-fetched dream. Vaccines are being rolled out by the day which means that the world might be able to go back to the ‘old’ normal, if not soon, then, in the coming years.

But if you’re thinking about boarding the plane to London this summer, that’s amazing. You just need to follow certain requirements and remain cautious to protect yourself and the one’s around you. The most obvious measure you can take is wearing a mask but that’s just a single part of the whole picture.

Here’s everything you should do while traveling to London during the pandemic.

1. Always keep a sanitizer on hand

This might seem like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised by how easily one can forget a sanitizer. No matter how careful you are, you’ll be touching all sorts of surfaces. Remember, coronavirus transfers easily through contact. From doorknobs to stair supports, the virus can be lingering practically anywhere.

A handy-sized bottle can go a long way and you can simply tie it with your bag for greater convenience.

London Travel Tips after the Pandemic

2. Research coronavirus restrictions beforehand

Every country has been dealing with the virus differently. While yours might have imposed a state-wide lockdown, another might only have curfews. Similarly, things like eating out, shopping, and visiting tourist sights are all subject to national restrictions.

To make sure that everything goes to plan, conduct thorough research prior to traveling. Perhaps your favorite restaurant in London is no longer open, or maybe it only lets customers dine  outdoors. All of these things can change how you navigate the city.

London Travel Tips after the Pandemic

3. Get vaccinated

As governments rush toward getting more vaccine supplies, traveling without the shot is bound to be impossible sooner or later. So, why not do it today? Getting vaccinated is being seen as the new ‘passport’. Not only will you be able to travel easily, but it will give you a sense of relief.

Let’s not forget that traveling can put you at significant risk of contracting the virus. Be it on the plane or during lunch at an eatery in London, there’s still a long way to go until the world regains a complete semblance of what it used to be.

London Travel Tips after the Pandemic

4. Carry a water bottle

Gone are the days when people could stop in the middle of the street and sip from a bubbler. The latter is a big no during the pandemic which means you’ll have to buy water when you feel thirsty.

So, why waste your money on a plastic bottle when you can carry one around free of cost? Not only will you know it’s clean, but you’ll be protecting the environment too. Moreover, this will automatically limit your contact with people as you won’t need to make pit spots every few hours.

London Travel Tips after the Pandemic

5. Make hotel reservations or plan for accommodation in advance

As COVID-19 continues to claim lives, hotels are still limiting the number of people that get to stay. This can cause unusual delays in service which is why you should make your booking in advance.

London might not be the biggest city in England; however, you cannot possibly visit every spot in one day. Naturally, you will need to stay overnight at a hotel, so don’t delay your reservations. Otherwise, you might be left with nowhere to stay in a place that can seem quite alien at night.

London Travel Tips after the Pandemic

If you’re moving to London but don’t want to take all your stuff to the new apartment, book the storage outlet you find most suitable. The capital has reliable companies like STORED that offer safe storage units that can really ease your transition.

6. Book an Airbnb instead

Unlike hotels, an Airbnb is cheaper and more convenient. It’s also the better choice considering the pandemic as you can rent an entire apartment to yourself without the need for human contact.

In 2020, Airbnb updated its hosting requirements to add sanitization and cleanliness to the mix. This means that you can stay in a safe environment, cook your own food (if you have the whole place to yourself), and much more.

London Travel Tips after the Pandemic

7. Carry extra masks

Whether you are a fan of surgical masks or KN95s, having more than one can be a lifesaver. Private businesses have the right to refuse service if you’re without a face covering. Not to mention the sheer embarrassment of trying to enter a store, only to be told that you cannot come inside.

And losing a mask is absurdly easy! One slip of the fingers and it’s on the ground with the London wind blowing it away.

London Travel Tips after the Pandemic

8. Bike around instead of using public transport

One of the many things that make London special is that you can rent a bike to travel the city. Visitors can go to their favorite places or simply enjoy the epic scenery without sharing close space with strangers on a tube.

London Travel Tips after the Pandemic

9. Explore storage options

Not everyone travels to the UK for touring, some are looking to move either temporarily or for the long haul. Despite the duration of your stay, you must make sure that you have checked everything off your moving to-do list.

And the first thing should be exploring storage companies before finalizing the move. Needless to say, STORED’s safe storage units are an amazing option. Rest assured, there’s no way you can go wrong with them.

London Travel Tips after the Pandemic

Nonetheless, the-storage-outlet you choose can provide ample peace of mind regarding the handling of your valuables during such tumultuous times.