The Madhya Pradesh is correctly referred as the heart of India. It is the center of enticement for all the globetrotters exploring this country. The journey to this land is an expedition to the mysterious and magical topography. Embraced with spectacular monuments, wonderfully carved temples, arresting wildlife areas, paces and forts, this Indian state is an engrossing jumble of rich past and promising future.

The tour to Madhya Pradesh takes the tourists close to prosperous folk culture and unique tribal traditions. The people here are full of life and this fact makes the trip even more invigorating. There are several attractions here that must be scouted by the travelers in order to enjoy an unforgettable vacation. Here is the list of major attractions in Madhya Pradesh:

Khajuraho Erotic Temples

Khajuraho is certainly a proof of Kamasutra being originated in this country. In Khajuraho, there are more than 20 temples that are abound erotic sculptures. In addition to this, these sculptures highlight the carnival of life, love and worship. Undoubtedly, this destination can be counted among the finest historical spots in the country.

Khajuraho Temple

Make Madhya Pradesh - "The heart of India" your next holiday destination

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Bandhavgarh National Park

Bandhavgarh is the bark cosseting the highest density of the tiger population in India. It is a great place to explore wildlife amid the nature’s bounty. The park is blessed with rugged hilly topography and verdant lush valleys along with a splendid ancient Bandhavgarh Fort. Other than the tigers, the absorbing list of wildlife species found at Bandhavgarh incorporates jackals, sloth bears, leopards, deer and assortment of exotic avifauna species.

Tiger In Bandhavgarh National Park

Make Madhya Pradesh - "The heart of India" your next holiday destination

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Sanchi is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India. The rich history of this bewildering place can be clearly witnessed in the stupas, temples and monasteries standing on this land. The followers of Buddhism consider Sanchi an imperative pilgrimage destination. Few of the monuments here were edified in the 3r3rd century. The major attractions that are must-visit in Sanchi are Stupas, Udaygiri Caves, Ashoka Pillar, Eastern Gateway, Buddhist Vihara, The Great Bowl, Gupta Temple, and Sanchi Museum.

Sanchi Stupa

Make Madhya Pradesh - "The heart of India" your next holiday destination

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Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park of Madhya Pradesh has the honor of offering the settings for Kipling’s Jungle Book. This area is rich in verdant woods of Sal and bamboo and is endowed with exquisite lakes, meadows and streams. There is a wide assortment of fauna species found in Kanha that even includes the tiger and stag. Moreover, this park is admired for its conservation and research programs for many rare wildlife species.

Langoors in Kanha National Park

Make Madhya Pradesh - "The heart of India" your next holiday destination

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Despite of being a small town in the state, Orchha cannot be considered less than any other important tourist destinations in Madhya Pradesh. This land was the capital during the reign of Bundela Rajputs. This town is bejeweled with some highly magnificent architectural marvels. Temple, palaces and much more, all charms make Orchha, a great destination for tourism purpose. The major attractions that a tourist must not forget to miss in Orchha are Orchha Fort, Chhatris Cenotaphs, Jehangir Mahal, Raja Mahal, Chaturbhuj Temple, Dinman Hardaul’s Palace, Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary and of course the Betwa River.

Chaturbhuj Temple

Make Madhya Pradesh - "The heart of India" your next holiday destination

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Gwalior is primarily known for its hilltop Gwalior Fort. This fort has a reputation of being one of the most unconquerable forts in the country. The history of this construction dates back to over a thousand year. There are numerous temples and palaces inside the Gwalior Fort. The major highlight is the Man Mandir Palace. The Old Town of Gwalior is at the bottom of the fort. With its imposing Tomb of Tansen, it proudly exemplifies the mesmerizing architectural brilliance of Mughal Era. In this tomb, the Tansen Music Festival is conducted every year.

Mausoleums of Mohammed Ghaus and Tansen

Make Madhya Pradesh - "The heart of India" your next holiday destination

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Panna National Park

Panna National Park, located in Panna and Chhatarpur Districts, occupies an immense area of 543 square kilometers. It is a preferred destination for the freaks of witnessing wilds. It is located on the ranges of Vindhya Mountains and it is a significant park to view deer in India. Other imposing wildlife species found here are Sambars, Antelopes, Boars and Chinkaras. Scintillating water cascades with verdant environs lures the nature lovers from all around the globe. Varied flora and fauna and a fascinating panoramic spectacle make it enthralling to explore wildlife in Panna National Park.

Sambar Deer

Make Madhya Pradesh - "The heart of India" your next holiday destination

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Madhya Pradesh has everything that can make tourists to embark on to enjoy an unmatched holiday. No matter what is the area of interest of a tourist, this state is an ideal spot to pick the rucksack and grab the vacation memories that always remain carved in the wits!