Visiting the Czech Capital? Trust these Expert Tips

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is called the heart of Europe. This stunning country in central Europe is bejeweled with many treasures that make it the fifth most visited country here. From medieval towns, gothic architecture to majestic castles and towers, this place can leave any traveler besotted.

Moreover, whether you visit in summers or winters, Prague looks breathtakingly beautiful in all seasons alike. So, if you’re a travel junkie who wants to visit interesting places, then strike a check against the Czech Republic next time. Here in this country, the traveler in you will rejoice to the fullest.

Visiting the Czech Capital? Trust these Expert Tips

An international trip requires you to have certain information or tips beforehand so that your experience is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. So, if you want to experience the touristy magic that Prague has in store, keep in mind the following tips to have maximum fun.

Roll in The Magic of These Must-See Sights

Prague brims with tourist sites, mostly all of which have an alluring charm around them. The 14th century Charles Bridge, Prague castle from the 9th century and the astronomical clock are some of the things you must not miss seeing. Also, another tip would be to visit these places before sunset, as after that the places get overcrowded.

Visiting the Czech Capital? Trust these Expert Tips

Moreover, take out some time to enjoy the classic sight of the Vltava river with the beautiful castles in the background. Also, add a dash of adventure to your trip by visiting the Bohemian Switzerland National Park and the Sumava National Park. You may even explore the cities of Liberec and Brno where you can catch popular museums, townhouses and hipster cafes.

Experience Nightlife at Its Best

If you’re a party person, then you’ll love this place because Prague almost never sleeps. However, if you want to experience Prague nightlife at its best, head to the clubs only after 10 pm. If you visit the clubs before this, you’ll only have some quiet time to yourself.

Visiting the Czech Capital? Trust these Expert Tips

It would be good if you start your nightlife adventures late and stay out till 3 am to have some lively fun and frolic. Prague has many exciting clubs that remain open till 5 am in the morning like Nova Lisboa Music Club, Bombay Bar and Club among many others.

Travel the Right Way

Another useful tip for you is to buy a transportation ticket right after arriving in the country. The place has an excellent public transportation system which includes trams, streetcars, and subways. These are efficient and also easy on the pocket. A ticket pass will help you navigate your way through the place very easily. You may even rent a car or book a cab if you want to travel according to your own whims.

Visiting the Czech Capital? Trust these Expert Tips

However, one of the best ways to explore Prague would be on foot. So, when you have time, just walk and enjoy the beauty of the place!

A useful tip for female travelers would be to ditch their heels and keep comfortable shoes with them. This will help them walk the cobbled stone streets without any discomfort.

Shop Conveniently

The Czech Republic has plenty of places to satisfy the shopper in you. From shopping centers like Palladium to small shops in the streets, you can find all kinds of stuff here.

Visiting the Czech Capital? Trust these Expert Tips

The best way to enjoy your shopping experience while in Czech is to go before 5 or 7 pm. You should also avoid going for shopping on weekends or holidays here, to avoid the maddening rush. If you visit Prague during Christmas time, you will be delighted to see the Christmas market offering interesting gifting and shopping options.

Pack These Essentials

Power sockets in Prague are usually two-prong round sockets. So, to avoid the struggle of getting your phone or equipment charged, carry a universal travel adaptor.

Visiting the Czech Capital? Trust these Expert Tips

Also, it would do you good if you carry a sturdy pair of shoes along as there are many hiking trails in Prague. You can even carry a small umbrella and a light trench jacket, as unexpected showers are common even during summers and autumns.

Stay Safe and Insured

Prague is pretty safe as violent crimes are very uncommon here. So, you can easily roam the streets alone at night too. However, one thing that you must be careful of is pick-pocketing. In such a case, you must be extra careful of your belongings while traveling in public transport. Losing your passport or any other important document can cause you great trouble. Therefore, be vigilant always.

Visiting the Czech Capital? Trust these Expert Tips

Also, it is advisable that you have international travel insurance that can have your back while you enjoy your trip. International travel insurance from reputable insurers like can reimburse you for expenses incurred in getting a new or duplicate passport or against any medical expenses paid in case of an emergency.

Not just this, such international travel insurance also provides coverage against bounced hotel or air bookings, delay in flight and several other contingencies.

So, find a suitable time, book your tickets and fly off to the heart of Europe!

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