If you’re thinking of moving to Australia, there are a few facts about the land down under that you should know. Some are simple tips to help you fit in, some will help you survive, while some of them are the law in the country and must be followed. Regardless, all of them are helpful. Let’s begin with;

Australia Is a Very Big Place

One of the most remarkable things about Australia is its sheer size. The country measures about three million square miles in land mass, making it the 6th largest in the world behind Russia, Canada, the United States, China and Brazil. Because of this, touring the countryside or just making a cross country trip will take significantly more time than it would in the majority of European countries. For comparison, flying from one end of Australia to the other (Perth to Brisbane), would take about twice as long as a trip from Italy to England.

Moving to Australia? Here are A Few Things to Know

Australia’s Sun Is Really Intense

As a result of the Ozone layer directly above Australia being particularly thin, the sun’s rays are more intense than in many other places. This leads to very high recorded temperatures in summer, with the extreme heat having been known to rise to levels high enough to melt tarred roads. The extra concentrated ultraviolet rays also necessitate the use of sun cream or other means of protecting the skin while avoiding direct exposure as much as possible. With temperatures in summer often rising to an average of 40°C and expected to hit 50°C by the year 2040, Australia’s heat can be absolutely blistering in some areas.

Moving to Australia? Here are A Few Things to Know

Australia Has Wild Weather Variations

While you may have a justifiable fear of the sun if you live in the northern parts of the country, which are known to be particularly dry regions with summer lasting all year round, Australia is actually very varied in terms of weather. Here you’ll find that the weather either deep dives or dips into four climate types; tropical, subtropical in the southern coasts, temperate (only) on the island of Tasmania, and subequatorial in the north. You can find that the north is in the middle of the rainy season while summer is raging in the south.

Moving to Australia? Here are A Few Things to Know

Australians Drive and Walk on the Left

Similar to the British, Australians drive on the left. The one key difference is that in Australia, pedestrians also try to keep to the left as much as possible when walking. This is by no means legally required, but you do risk getting strange looks on the street if you don’t comply. You’ll likewise find signs on the road encouraging pedestrians to stick to the left as they walk.

Moving to Australia? Here are A Few Things to Know

Australia Has Bushfires

Bushfires are a common occurrence in Australia, especially in the warmer months. Bushfires have been used for thousands of years by indigenous Australians as a means of clearing land for farming, make tracks through densely forested areas, and foster areas for hunting. Some native flora has even evolved to take advantage of the phenomenon and use it to reproduce.

Moving to Australia? Here are A Few Things to Know

On the flipside, these bushfires are responsible for causing severe loss of life and property over the years. These bushfires are often the result of deliberate or indeliberate human activity, or natural causes like thunderstorms working with Australia’s strong winds, high temperatures, and particularly dry vegetation. Global warming is increasing the incidence rate and intensity of these bushfires.

Australians Love Their Sports

Australia has some of the most ardent sports fans in the world, with very high levels of sporting event attendance and participation. You would be hard pressed to find a household that doesn’t actively support a team in either cricket, football, rugby, or Australian Rules Football. You are more likely to find that they are fans of some or even all of these sports, as opposed to only one.

Moving to Australia? Here are A Few Things to Know

There’s Very Little to Fear from Australia’s Wildlife

Australia is well known for having a large number of deadly creatures. This is certainly true, with several species of venomous snakes, spiders, sharks, crocodiles, octopi, jellyfish and even honey bees that are unique to the region. Even the kangaroo, Australia’s unofficial mascot, can be aggressive and dangerous. Despite this, the number of fatal interactions with Australia’s wildlife is actually quite low. Most of the dangerous creatures are either out in the desert or in the ocean, so the odds of running into them in the cities are very small. In fact, you are more likely to be killed by a horse than snakes or spiders in Australia.

Moving to Australia? Here are A Few Things to Know

All in all, Australia is a great place to live. The locals are friendly, the weather can be very pleasant and the quality of life is high. You can check out https://www.ausmove.co.nz/moving-to-australia for help with moving your possessions to begin your new life in Australia.