Have you always wanted to visit other cities? Minneapolis promises to be one of the hottest destinations of 2020. If you are in the mood for local culture and fine arts, take the time to look into what Minneapolis has to offer.

Exciting Art Exhibits

From some of the most nationally recognized names in art to smaller, more independent venues, travelers can look forward to what Minneapolis has to offer in terms of the fine arts. It is an extremely vibrant city, with a rich mix of cultures and personalities that develop art reflecting their personal experience. In addition to galleries, there are numerous live music venues that keep the city local flavor active and exuberant, especially for those visiting for the first time.

Mulicultural Minneapolis: 4 Reasons to Visit in 2020

Lake Landmarks

Minnesota is renowned for being the “Land of 10,000 Lakes.” All of the local culture and life revolves around the state’s deep connection to water, and Minneapolis is no exception. The city’s name actually means “the City of Lakes,” and visitors can stop by many of the lakes for a personalized tour. Lake Harriet, Lake Calhoun and Lake of the Isles are all joined by a trail that winds around each individual body of water for a complete tour.

Mulicultural Minneapolis: 4 Reasons to Visit in 2020

Neighborhood Tours

Each neighborhood in the city offers something different. There are countless nightlife destinations, and with so many restaurants to choose from, it can be easy to enjoy a fulfilling night on the town any time you visit. Check out the art fair during the summer, and see if you are in the mood for a unique touch of fusion cuisine. You can expect to find your new favorite Chinese restaurant and a hip nightclub all in the same night.

Mulicultural Minneapolis: 4 Reasons to Visit in 2020

The Mall of America

One of the must-see destinations in Minneapolis, is the Mall of America. Take the time to visit and check out some of the sights. The mall features a rollercoaster, a rainforest and a shark tank, all within walking distance. It is a pretty popular tourist destination because of how many stores are available as well. If you are in the mood to shop, this can be one of the best destinations on your trip to Minneapolis. Take your kids with you, as there is something for everyone here.

Mulicultural Minneapolis: 4 Reasons to Visit in 2020

Like any other such trip, taking the time to plan ahead can yield the best results. Think about where you have always wanted to stop by and plan your itinerary around these star destinations. Fit in supplementary stops to complete your trip.

Mulicultural Minneapolis: 4 Reasons to Visit in 2020

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