Having a house that you call yours is not just a home, it is a hideaway location that brings you into relaxation each day. Personalizing your home gives you real ownership of your house by expressing your ideas, likes, perception, and feel.

Some individuals, or couples, designate a particular space in their house to be their sanctuary and the most common place is their bedroom and bathroom. Meanwhile, more and more people are trading their big homes to tiny houses for a more practical and intimate living.

Whichever approach you choose to do in designing your living space must provide you satisfaction. So, here are some ostentatious home improvement ideas that you can incorporate into your home or home life.


A staircase is the most neglected space in the house. It is typically used as a coat storage, a shoe closet or a gateway to the basement. But there is more to a staircase that you can do other than what was mentioned and here are three eye-catching designs you can consider.

Bookshelf or a Reading Nook

Have tons or reading materials at home? Books, magazines and different reading materials can be decorative pieces. It is especially great if you have no space for a library at home. It can also be a facade for that usual storage just to make it a bit discreet. Otherwise, just use it as a reading nook just by placing a cozy little mattress or sofa, a night light and a table.

Outrageous Ideas For Your Home

Bar or Wine Cellar

This may be one of the best places to put a bar or a wine cellar. It is the most accessible space in the house. Although, you have to make sure that your precious bottles, crystals, and goblets are perfectly safe under the staircase. If you have small children, you might want to delay this idea in the future.


If you do not have enough space for your winter clothing or extra beddings, your staircase is a perfect idea of for an extra storage space. Just build extra drawers underneath and your problem is solved.

Outrageous Ideas For Your Home

Outdoor Get Away

Nature is fun and relaxing. If you have a huge square feet of land outside, you can always convert it into your own haven. If you don’t know what to do with your outdoor space, visit to get innovative ideas and awesome designs.


A shed was once just a storage for gardening tools, sports gear or carpentry equipment. Nowadays, it is converted to a man / woman sheds that has a bar or lounge. Throw in some mood lights and equip it with a great sound system, you now have a place where you can bring your friends to party and unwind. Another idea is to transform your shed into caravan shelter and keep your portable home safe for your next traveling adventure.

Outrageous Ideas For Your Home

Hot Tub

How cool it is to soak in a relaxing bath out in the open; you, the trees, and the chirping birds. This experience cannot get any better.

Outrageous Ideas For Your Home

Tree House

Tree houses are just for kids, back in the olden days. Now, we can share this tree house experience with the whole family. Taking your family or game room at a higher level is much more exciting than in an enclosed structure. You can definitely say it’s a fun fambam experience!

Outrageous Ideas For Your Home

Tiny House Life

This is a whole new level of living. It’s not just the living space that you need to change, but also your perspective of the living. This global trend started in the early 2000s where everything is big, and yes, that is in the U.S. It came out as a response to rising commodity and real estate prices.

Living tiny seized Australia’s attention and since then, there is no turning back. Take for example, Fox tiny homes is one of the pioneers in building amazing tiny houses. It has expertise and credibility in creating awesome homes with a limited space that is efficient and practical.

Outrageous Ideas For Your Home

Small houses is a great living space idea since it is highly customizable. It can also be transported to different locations, if this is the make and model, which makes relocation much easier. A tiny house is furnished with the same household fixtures such as plumbing, electricity and more. You never have to abandon your personalized home if you own one.

Designing your home is really based on your own taste. Regardless of the space or the atmosphere, you create the dimension and drama of your living. A house will never be a home without your personal touch and imagination of the small world you wish to encapsulate you.

Whichever idea you have for your home will always reflect the person you are.Your taste, your mood, your lifestyle. It should always fit and serve you.