If the man cave is an archetypal habitat of a true macho, then the recent global trend of she sheds is the closest it gets to the cave’s feminine counterpart. A fast-spreading trend throughout the world, she sheds are gaining popularity fast among home designers and women eager for a sweet retreat from the opposite sex and some essential peace and quiet, and for a good reason too: a perfect hideaway for your inner girl, she sheds offer a secluded spot for females looking to isolate themselves for a while and let their hair down in their private, delicately decorated huts. Let’s take a quick look at some she shed building ideas, shall we?

The power to transform: Gardening shed overhaul

One of the convenient ways to come up with your secluded ‘Me’ space is to look for inspiration – and ready-made facilities – in your own backyard. For instance, if you have a shabby garden shed you never actually get to use, you can transform it into your lovely home-away-from-home spot with just a few tools and some affordable furnishing pieces like a collapsible table and a stack of foldable chairs, a roll or two of charming wallpapers and some extra decorative touches.

She Sheds: The Female Response to Man Caves

Image by Sandy Foster via Houzz

Now you see it, now you don’t: Shed assembly kits

Ladies who don’t have an existing hut ready for a thorough overhaul can always turn to some of the numerous assembly kits for a solution to their she shed woes. Available in a range of sizes and designs, prefabricated sheds are super simple to assemble and most of them come with rather straightforward instruction manuals. The assembly process typically requires just a few tools, a dash of good will and some basic background technical knowledge so you shouldn’t have any major problems putting together your brand new she shed.

She Sheds: The Female Response to Man Caves

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Make your own: Build your shed like a true lady

If you have no off-the-rack options close at hand and are pursuing your DIY project on a tight budget, you can always get some wooden panels and a stack of shingles to build your own she shed and furnish it with existing furniture. Building a shed is not difficult at all, and you can find a lot of tutorials and instructions online, so all you’ll actually need is some free time, DIY eagerness, basic toolry and accessories, a handful of panels or planks and roof covering – and off you go!

She Sheds: The Female Response to Man Caves

Image by Julie Ranee Photography via Houzz

More than meets the eye: Containers as a ready-made solution

Believe it or not, container shelters and cargo containers can also be used as a go-to solution for the she shed basics. Available at a relatively affordable price and highly efficient processing-wise, container shelters and shipping containers can be furnished with various furniture items and accessories of your own preference, thus becoming genuine miniature houses. If you’re decorating rooms for comfort, you can always rely on foldable beds and assembling furnishing pieces to round off your interior décor in the most accommodative and space-efficient of ways – but you can also add any item you fancy to make the shed more cozy, warm and homelike.

She Sheds: The Female Response to Man Caves

Image by M Valdes Architects PLLC via Houzz

As it turns out, there are no strict rules on how a she shed should be decorated and furnished, so we’ll leave that part to your imagination, taste and creativity. From purely functional to chic, your she shed can be anything you want it to be – an extension of your personality of a kind, so to say. Still, there’s one fixed rule about these cute little huts you’re not supposed to bend: except yourself, nobody else’s allowed inside so that you’ll have all the privacy and alone time you need to top up your batteries, contemplate and do the stuff you truly enjoy. So, are you ready to make your own DIY she shed? Don’t hesitate – judging by the responses coming from women worldwide, the effort, money and time invested in the girl hut project truly are worth the while.

She Sheds: The Female Response to Man Caves

Image by JML Garden Rooms via Houzz