This question arises every time you are going on a trip abroad, for example, Spain and you need to get from Barcelona airport, Madrid, Malaga, Alicante to your destination, whether it be a hotel, city center, or home address. Your searches begin in all directions: the Internet, a survey of acquaintances who visited Spain once, business cards, social networks, message boards, etc. with the purpose of understanding what adequate price offers exist on the market and who provides such a service.

The result of such searches are offers from individuals on bulletin boards, a company of wide profile both in Russia and in Spain, web aggregators of taxis, etc. The finest opportunities for the best Paris Airport taxi services are also there.

Great Opportunities for the Perfect Paris Airport Taxi Services

There are a number of types of companies / organizations and individuals providing taxi transfer services from airports in Spain with different organizational structure, type of business and legal status.

Directions of activity of taxi companies and firms providing passenger transportation services

In the direction of their activity, they can be divided into the following types:

  • transportation of individuals and small groups (cars with a capacity of up to 9 people)
  • group transportation of passengers  (cars with a capacity from 6 to 16 people)
  • VIP transport of passengers  (VIP cars of representative class such as Mercedes E, S class)
  • transportation of large groups on buses and minibars for up to 55 people
  • Types of companies providing transfer / taxi services.

Let’s try to cover all of their types:

Individuals without a license SP

Persons who own a car and do not have a Spanish license for the carriage of passengers – “Servicio Publico” or in the common people SP.Pros: Low transportation costs differing about 30% of the official cost of a taxi, in a lesser side.Absence of possibility of registration of confirming invoices in case of need (business trip, official trip, etc.)

Great Opportunities for the Perfect Paris Airport Taxi Services

Official taxi

Here everything is simple, an individual or company with a license for the transportation of SP. Pros: Carriage is carried out “on white”, there is insurance for passengers in the event of a road accident, the possibility of paying a credit card and cash with checkout, the possibility of making a claim and compensation for harm in the case of carrier liability, etc.

Great Opportunities for the Perfect Paris Airport Taxi Services

Travel Agencies / Service Companies

Depending on the structure of the company, usually are an intermediary between the client and b/ l without a license or official carriers, in some cases has its own vehicle fleet and hired drivers. As a rule, but not always, the cost of transportation will increase by the amount of commission. If the company specializes in the organization of transfers, then carriers offer profitable tariffs that are not published on the market and an attractive price appears on the way out.

Great Opportunities for the Perfect Paris Airport Taxi Services

Taxi / Transfer Agents

It operates on the principle of travel agencies, but uses automatic systems for calculating tariffs and issuing information (type of car, direction, etc.) on-line in accordance with the request. Large web aggregators have in their staff a lot of employees engaged in contracting with official carriers on the ground (in each city) and agreeing on the most favorable tariffs for them. A customer support service is available over the phone.

Great Opportunities for the Perfect Paris Airport Taxi Services