Pool Trends: The Hottest New Pool Styles In 2020

The summer of 2020 is on its last legs, and a lot of families are spending their weekends sunbathing in their swimming pool, surrounded by their loved ones. Since the social distancing rules make it difficult for people to visit public pools and beaches, everyone has to make do with their private home pool. Now is a great time to explore some of the coolest pool trends of 2020.

All the cool swimming pools near Hawaii have to keep up with the times and the trends. If you want your home’s swimming pool to be something that would be appreciated by your neighbors and family, then you have to pay attention to the famous pool trends right now. It would help if you remembered to pick a design and a style that falls within your preferences. It will make you very happy.

To make matters simple for you and your family, here are some of the best pool trends that 2020 has brought. Even though this year has been mired with uncertainty, the summer has been bright and beautiful. The best way to enjoy the sun before fall begins is to renovate your pool in the best and most attractive possible way.

1. Swim-Up Bars and Ledges:

This is a feature that you can see most often in hotels and resorts. There is a swim-up bar or a ledge next to the pool where swimmers can relax and drink while in the water. Getting a swim-up bar installed in your collection is an excellent example of a simple renovation.

Pool Trends: The Hottest New Pool Styles In 2020

Photo by Ledge Lounger

Your swimming pool and patio are meant to give you and your loved ones a private place to socialize, relax, and sunbathe a little bit. There is no better way to kick back and relax than install a swim-up bar next to your pool. You and your friends will be able to relax and have a few drinks.

2. Dark Colored Pool Gradients:

When you think of swimming pools, what is the first color that pops into your mind? It’s the bright blue that results from chlorinated water and sky blue mosaic on the pool floor. This year, many interior designers have started to redo swimming pool floors with tiles of a darker and more prominent shade.

Pool Trends: The Hottest New Pool Styles In 2020

Photo by Agape Tile LLC

Instead of a bright blue that resembles the sea’s color, many pool owners opt for unconventional colors. The darker hues, such as navy, will allow you to enjoy a lagoon-like aesthetic that is mysterious and cool. The tiles’ dark color will also retain heat better and save you a lot of money on heating costs.

3. Pool Floor Mosaic Art:

The floor of swimming pools is generally made out of high-quality mosaic. You will notice that the best swimming pools near Hawaii have very high-quality mosaic art on the pool floor. Mosaic art in the pool is one of the biggest pool trends of 2020. Many well-known resorts have also adopted this trend.

Pool Trends: The Hottest New Pool Styles In 2020

Photo by Moretti Mosaic Studio

The best thing about mosaic artwork is that it will never lose its appeal and charm. Come what may, mosaic artwork is mysterious and appealing. Your visitors will find the painting charming, and their pool experience is going to be a fantastic one. Modern mosaic art techniques will also allow you to explore design avenues such as three-dimensional art.

4. Ambient And Smart Lighting:

The use of lights within and around your pool area is one of the hottest and most popular pool trends of this year. Most swimming pools near Hawaii invest in smart lighting systems that enable guests to enjoy the facilities even after sunset. LED lighting systems will provide your collection with a classy ambiance.

Pool Trends: The Hottest New Pool Styles In 2020

Photo by AquaTerra Outdoors

These are LED-lights, which make them inexpensive, durable, and energy-efficient. These lights can also connect to smart home systems, which means you will use Google or Amazon Alexa to control them properly. These lights also come with a bunch of cool features such as dimming, voice activation, etc. They will transform your pool.

Maintenance and User-Friendly Features

If you have a swimming pool, then you are very concerned about the various costs involved. You will incur significant expenses in the form of maintenance fees, energy fees, etc. For saving on these expenses, pool owners are also switching to pool features that will depress maintenance and energy costs. Here are some eco-friendly and pocket-friendly upgrades that you should consider.

  1. Solar Heaters: You can reduce pool heating costs by installing a solar heater that will use solar energy to warm your swimming pool efficiently.
  2. Cartridge Filters: Installing cartridge filters will allow you to save significantly on energy costs since they don’t have any backwashing features like sand filters.

Pool Trends: The Hottest New Pool Styles In 2020

Photo by TaC studios, architects

These are 2020’s hottest pool trends, and you should upgrade your swimming pool following the trends you like best.

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