Sitting inside during the cold, dark and damp wintry nights dreaming about your beautiful garden in spring and summer? Why not take action that will permit enjoyment of it throughout the calendar year? First, stop with the idea we don’t have the proper climate to weather a garden in the winter.

Weathering the weather is part of the appeal of having a garden. There is no written rule dictating a garden must be sat in to be appreciated. A beautiful garden can be as easily enjoyed during drizzly, winter walks as sitting with a cup of tea on a spring evening. There are a few effects necessary to create an environment that can be relished any time of the year, day or night. Mainly, proper outdoor lighting is a prerequisite.

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Garden Lighting Specialist/Designer

Running off and attempting to replicate a beautiful garden look, complete with lighting effects, on your own will most likely end in disappointment. Chin up, though, achieving the garden of your dreams with those elements that suits your lifestyle, budget and surroundings is still within reach.

Popular Garden Lighting for 2016

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In order to get the most from undertaking such a project, working with a garden lighting specialist is the way to go. They can provide insight into numerous diverse outdoor lighting scenarios from ornamental to purposeful to safety-inspired. An experienced and knowledgeable garden lighting designer can style a client’s garden to fit the unique wants and needs of their current circumstances with room to grow in the future.

Popular Garden Lighting for 2016

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Before contacting a garden lighting designers, ask yourself why you want to augment the garden with lights. Is it for year round use? Does the exterior lack ambiance? Or is mainly about increasing the safety and security of family? If you are unable to answer any of these questions, contact a garden lighting designer straightaway. They will be able to guide you appropriately.

Popular Garden Lighting for 2016

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Garden Lighting Ideas

Highlighting the architectural detail of the property’s home and outlying area is almost a natural extension of any properly designed garden lighting project; even if it isn’t the intent. Lighting produces a mood while camouflaging flaws and even safety lapses.

Popular Garden Lighting for 2016

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  1. Emphasise trees and other greenery by illuminating from above or below. This technique sets a stunning focal point that will change as the seasons change.
  2. Think up and not down. Casting light up from the ground generates attention for architectural detail that can be missed with traditional lighting throwing a downward glance.
  3. Select an area of the garden that will be front and center; concentrate a variety of lighting techniques there.
  4. Love the look of a well-lit path but don’t love the airport runway look? Adding lamp posts and hanging lights is a great way to change up this stale lighting concept for gardens.
  5. Think warm even when it is cold outside; warm white lighting showcases the property and the home.
  6. Use a timer to keep it all running smoothly throughout the calendar year. This method enhances security; especially when different sectors of the garden and home are set to light and turn off at varying times.

Popular Garden Lighting for 2016

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From cozy conversation and reading nooks to intricate walking paths, a property’s garden is an outdoor space demanding to be utilised all year. And well it should; even if that means illuminating it so it is enjoyed from the confines of the home on a soggy spring day or cold winter evening. So, whether it is a tiny metropolitan garden or a sprawling country estate, Garden Lighting by Design Ltd are the outdoor lighting designers to make your garden vision a reality by improving its overall look while building up security. Thus, ensuring it is part of your home throughout the year, regardless of weather.

Popular Garden Lighting for 2016

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