Raising children starts with the quality of your home. There are numerous ways that a family can set up the ideal living space. But every valuable unit comes with its setbacks, like how to set up the kids’ bedroom or which corners of the house are hazardous, or where to place the playpen.

No matter where you decide to raise your children, what matters is that they get the best well-being out of their environment.

As families nowadays are considering to stay in condos, the limited space is just the beginning of the many challenges in setting up a comfortable and secure home. Thankfully, there are many ways to transform your condo units into family-friendly spaces where your children can learn, play, and grow in safe confines. Here are several practical ways to consider:

Organize your belongings to widen the space.

Every home needs enough room where kids can run around safely and parents can roam each hall without bumping into furniture. However, your appliances and furnishings add to the bulkiness that crowds your place. Might as well count dirty clothes, company souvenirs, and other belongings just lying around.

Practical Steps to Create the Ideal Child-Friendly Condo

To make a spacious condo, organize your stuff and classify what is considered “necessary” or “clutter” into systematized containers (i.e., cabinets, boxes or Tupperware). Minimize the number of furniture in both your bedrooms and living rooms. Add install wall shelves for your décor. Make clutter the least of your problems.

Allow some areas to be multi-purpose.

Condo units can be middling when it comes to their layout. Unless it is the bathroom, kitchen, and/or bedroom, each space can be designated as the living room, dining room, or pantry. But it can be troublesome if table condiments are found over a drawer and beside your family photo.

Practical Steps to Create the Ideal Child-Friendly Condo

Families can be economical by designing areas with more than one purpose. For example, if there is little use for the living room, place your TV on a table across the dining room. As for the kids, have them share one bedroom that can double as a playroom.

Spruce up your condo minimally.

Not every condo has to be very stylish or be filled with décor on every wall. Otherwise, it would be an unintended eyesore or a safety hazard for children. But settling for simplicity does not automatically mean never set up the condo with decorations—just start it off minimally.

Practical Steps to Create the Ideal Child-Friendly Condo

Stick to one design aesthetic, may it be the paint hue of the walls or the material used for the décor and the furniture. Avoid setting up fragile items (e.g., porcelain, bottles) on high surfaces and lessen the hung décor like picture frames or encased certificates. Simplicity is always beauty.

Keep several belongings away from children.

One of the struggles of living in a family-friendly unit is that children inadvertently will gain access to their parents’ stuff. You name it: gadgets, tools, stationery, and even makeup. Till they come to a mature age, children would always be curious and use or put them in their mouths.

Practical Steps to Create the Ideal Child-Friendly Condo

Ensure that hazardous items like cleaning products and sharp objects are unreachable to kids. That counts for electronics, as well. But, if necessary, supervise your children when it comes to using such items to avoid injuries. And when it comes to home entertainment, laptop, or TV, always set the parental controls.

Designate a special area for learning or playing.

There is no guarantee that every condominium complex will provide the best family-friendly amenities like pools, badminton courts, and playgrounds. So, playtime will always start at home—but balancing that out is schooling. With the current situation, studying has turned your condo into a place of studying.

Practical Steps to Create the Ideal Child-Friendly Condo

After providing a wider space inside your unit, search for a conducive, ambient spot. That area could either be a fun playpen, complete with a mat and toys, all safe for toddlers, or a desk with pencils and books. Then, spruce up their area with decorations that stimulate their senses.

Set up helpful sources of entertainment or hobbies.

A fun home to entertain a family can make the tiny space a bit wider. Instantly, what comes to mind are sources of entertainment like cable TV, videogames, Netflix, and the Internet. Indeed, those mentioned will surely occupy kids’ time, as well as delight adults. But there are other sources.

Practical Steps to Create the Ideal Child-Friendly Condo

Gardening is a good start to introduce kids indoors to nature and make them conscious about the environment. Homemade crafts and drawing encourage children to use their imagination. Board games help tease the brain. And, of course, owning a pet would make for a fun member of the family.

It’s how you maximize a small space

Whether you reside in a suburban home or a condo unit, the ideal home should bring adequate comfort and safety that your family deserves and be a suitable space that can be filled with familial love. At the end of the day, the humblest abode will make your kids aspire to have their own homes, just like their loving parents.

Practical Steps to Create the Ideal Child-Friendly Condo