The number of people working from home has been on a steady rise for a long time. The convenience of not having to travel to and from work, being your own boss and organizer of working hours and the endless possibilities of an online business environment and earnings are one of top reasons why people decide to give home office a chance. However, one of the most important preconditions of success is how your home office is organized. Here are suggestions on how to do it properly.


There are several important things that need to be considered while choosing a location for a home office. It needs to be as detached from the rest of the house as possible. If it cannot be a separate room, pick a corner of any of the existing ones and position the desk with your back turned to the rest of the room. Do not put up any physical boundaries, but arrange the setting in a manner that the office blends in but also to have privacy while working without being distracted by what is happening around you.

Proper Ways to Organize Your New Home Office

Contemporary Home Office by Austin General Contractors Risinger Homes


Having sufficient natural light is very important for a productive working environment. Therefore, besides secludedness, make sure your office is positioned by the window that gets the most daily light. Naturally, there will be times when you will work under artificial lights. Dimmable ones would be the best choice since they let you adjust the luminosity the way you prefer. Lastly, pick lamps that will contribute to the overall interior design, they do not have to be strictly business like as long as they are functional.

Proper Ways to Organize Your New Home Office

Industrial Home Office by London Architects & Building Designers MW Architects

Separate lines

Having separate phone line proved to be essential in order to be fully productive and at the same time do not disturb the everyday life of your family by blocking the existing line half of the day. The same applies for internet connection. It does not have to be separate, a shared one would do and you will avoid extra cables as long as the bandwidth is sufficient for simultaneous business and family operation.

Proper Ways to Organize Your New Home Office

Transitional Home Office by Falmouth Architects & Building Designers Kevin Browne Architecture

Storage space

Regardless of the line of work you are in, sufficient storage room will be necessary for a work well done. However, depending on the volume of work you will need more or less storage room. In case separate shelves satisfy your storage capacity incorporating them design wise to the rest of your furniture would be the best idea. However, if you need more than two, go for shelter rentals. They provide ample space, can be positioned anywhere in the yard and you will not clutter your house with too many shelves.

Proper Ways to Organize Your New Home Office

Contemporary Home Office by Sydney Home Builders All Time Constructions


Design, dimensions and price are important characteristics when it comes to choosing office accessories, particularly desk and chair. Normally, the way you incorporate them into your home plays an important role in the overall outlook, making both your working and living environment a more compact unit. However, if any of these features needs to be sacrificed to achieve better ergonomics, by all means do it, especially if you spend long hours behind the desk. Furthermore, the ergonomics principle applies to all items that you use in your regular office work; make sure you follow them through.

Proper Ways to Organize Your New Home Office

Beach Style Home Office by Portland Interior Designers & Decorators Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.

Organizing a home office is a serious, yet rewarding task. As it is the case with any properly organized and executed task, it all becomes worthwhile in the end. You will eventually have to do some slight adjustments as the time passes by, but no drastic changes will be required in the near future.