Improving your house doesn’t have to be a dream which requires investing a lot of money. There are numerous cost-effective ways to raise your home value completely on your own.

1. Bathroom update

People enjoy big bathrooms. If you can’t afford to expand it, you can paint it a nice, light color, such as cream or white, which will make it look bigger. Also, you can create more space for storage if you put additional shelves above the toilet or even floating shelves which don’t need much space, but create more of it. Replacing outdated wallpaper doesn’t cost much, but it makes a completely different impression when you walk into the bathroom. Consider replacing the lighting, too, as the pleasant light is what makes people feel relaxed while enjoying in their bathtubs.

Raise Your Home Value With These 5 DIY Improvements

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2. Kitchen improvements

Adding details to your kitchen will instantly make it look more attractive. If you put a small table island, it will definitely make a difference. Replacing old curtains or simply buying a new rug will do the job, too. Buying new kitchen cabinets would affect your wallet greatly, so you better just paint them in a fresh or modern color and it will look as almost brand new. The refrigerator is an important kitchen appliance, and you can improve it with stick film and a peel for changing it into stainless steel. And the last thing – clean your kitchen and remove all the necessary things from the counters – you will get more space than you expect.

Raise Your Home Value With These 5 DIY Improvements

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3. Floors and walls

Walls are the largest part of the house and their looks have a huge impact on the overall impression of the inside of a house or a flat. If there is any room with too bright or just annoying colors, repaint it. All the wallpapers that cannot be considered modern anymore should be swiftly removed. Another idea for a boring wall is to make a beautiful bookcase out of it. You should also learn how to remove popcorn or textured ceilings. And the lighting on the ceiling just has to be creative, without spending too much money.

Raise Your Home Value With These 5 DIY Improvements

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4. Roof repair

Roof is one of the basic parts of protection and it should be in the best shape possible. If there are easily visible holes in the roof, you will be able to do it on your own if you follow the instructions which can be found on the Internet. It is also possible to replace broken tiles or install some new roofing component without any help from the side.Painting the roof is another cheap way of adding value to your home. Roof painters from Sydney recommend that you clean the room first and prepare it by fixing possible damages. The painting will differ depending on the type of the roof, but either way it will boost up the looks of your house.

Raise Your Home Value With These 5 DIY Improvements

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5. Decorating your yard

You want everybody to feel cozy in your yard, so make it happen with planting trees or simple plants which are low maintenance. It is advisable to choose plants which are native to the area you live in. Having numerous plants is not just an advantage when it comes to looks, but it also makes the air cleaner for you. Furthermore, trees will save money in the long run, as they provide shade in the summer, but also protect the house from the strong cold winds. Just don’t overdo with the plants, as it can also be a put-off.

Raise Your Home Value With These 5 DIY Improvements

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Doing numerous small things on your house which do not take too much of your time are an easy and cheap way to make your home nicer both on the inside and the outside. Just need to roll up your sleeves and do some magic.
Author Bio: Steven Clarke is a DIY enthusiast, interested in home improvement, design, new technologies and he likes to put his ideas out there. When not working on new projects, he likes to spend his time in the great outdoors.