When a decision is taken to refurbish a food preparation area, there are many important considerations that need to be taken into account. There are so many spaces that must be kept as clean and as hygienic as possible, and there are also so many spaces that can harbour dangerous germs and bacteria. Therefore, maintaining a clean, safe and hygienic area for preparing food for consumption by the general public is extremely important and it makes sense to ensure that any food preparation area is kept as hygienic as possible.

If you have decided to refurbish your food preparation area, the following are some important points that you should consider.

1. Walls and Ceilings

The walls and ceilings of a food preparation area require particular attention given their propensity to gather dirt, dust and food particles. Ideally, the surface of any walls and ceilings in a food preparation area should be impervious to food, grease or water as well as being durable and easily cleaned.There are many walls and ceiling coverings that do just that and they are well worth investing in.Many of the top restaurants and hotels in the country get such equipment from reputable companies like Beplas hygienic solutionswho offer complete hygienic environments with their extensive range of interior surface products.

Points to Consider when Refurbishing a Food Preparation Area

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2. Windows and Doors

In a food preparation area, windows and doors that are installed should be designed in such a way that they do not allow dirt to build up. The surface of the doors should be easy to clean, smooth and non-absorbent, allowing them to be easily disinfected. In addition, any windows or doors that open out to the outside should have insect-proof coverings, which will prevent any unwanted ‘visitors’ to the food preparation area.

Points to Consider when Refurbishing a Food Preparation Area

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3. Surfaces

The surfaces in a food preparation area are especially important, as the majority of the work to be carried out in the area will take place on these surfaces. For that reason, they should be easily sanitized, non-absorbent and made of non-toxic materials. Stainless steel is usually the popular choice for suitable work surfaces in a food preparation area.

Points to Consider when Refurbishing a Food Preparation Area

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4. Floor coverings

When choosing the floor surfaces for a food preparation area, it is important that the coverings can be easily cleaned and suitable for use in an area where food is to be prepared. Usual choices include vinyl safety flooring, floor tiles and cast resin flooring. These floor coverings will also satisfy the requirements of any food safety regulations that may apply to your area. When installing the floor covering, ensure that there are no junctions or joins visible, as these can become traps for food particles as well as germs and bacteria.

Points to Consider when Refurbishing a Food Preparation Area

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These are just some of the considerations that should be borne in mind when refurbishing a food preparation area. As previously mentioned, hygiene is of paramount importance in food preparation, and so to minimize any risk to the public, it is important that a food preparation area is refurbished to very high standards and stays in compliance with any food safety regulations which may apply.