The world is not in our books or computer screens, it’s out there, and traveling is the best way to experience as much of it as possible. If you love to take on journeys and wish to leave no rock unseen, you should start making resolutions for new travel destinations right now!

A new year promises new beginnings, therefore, if you wish to start traveling soon, the best way to get to it is to start at the start of the new year. 2024 has just arrived and it brings lots of possibilities, especially if you wish to spend each season of the new year in a different location.

The new year is an excellent opportunity to visit new destinations as seasons change. Whether you enjoy backpack traveling or relaxing at the beach, the world offers multiple spots for any type of relaxation and adventure.

There are plenty of gorgeous unpopular and popular sites anyone could enjoy. You can start by making a list of all the places you wish to visit before the end of 2024. You can call the list resolutions for new travel destinations.

North Macedonia

Macedonia is a region in the south-central Balkans, comprised of north-central Greece, southwestern Bulgaria, and the Republic of North Macedonia. Popular Greek islands may be overly crowded throughout the year, especially during the warmer months. Therefore, the land of Alexander the Great could be the perfect substitute for travelers who wish to visit historical sites and enjoy the warm weather.

Resolutions for New Travel Destinations: Make Your Move in 2024!

You can Walk through the ages in Skopje, Hike to the top of Mount Ljuboten, Kayak through the Matka Canyon, embrace the majestic view of Lake Ohrid, and Wander through ancient Macedonia in Heraclea.

North Macedonia is an excellent travel destination for those who wish to experience history, culture, and beautiful nature in 2024.

South Korea

If you have ever wanted to visit South Korean cities, 2024 is the year to do so! South Korean government has decided to temporarily lift Korea’s Electronic Travel Authorization (K-ETA) obligation to enter the country.

Resolutions for New Travel Destinations: Make Your Move in 2024!

Therefore, travelers can enjoy the beauty of South Korea without the need for a K-ETA before 31st December 2024. You should take this opportunity to fully embrace the gorgeous nature, beautiful architecture, and delicious food of South Korea.

South Korea offers a variety of entertainment opportunities, from sightseeing to relaxation. You can learn a lot of interesting history and appreciate marvelous culture. Taste Tteokbokki (and other spicy treats) on the streets, go on a nature trip to Nami Island, visit Busan’s Gamcheon Culture Village, and take a walk under the cherry blossom trees.


One of the most underrated European countries is Georgia, located by the Black Sea, between Turkey and Russia. This small country offers various vacation locations tourists can visit. You can go swimming in the sea and enjoy beautiful beaches in the Adjara region, or go hiking and enjoy gorgeous mountain views in the Svaneti and Racha regions.

Whether you enjoy hiking or relaxing at resorts, Georgia allows travelers to participate in multiple entertaining and enjoyable activities on a low budget. You can stay in luxurious, grand hotels that are all over the country, or reserve a rental property to enjoy the beauty of a Georgian home.

Resolutions for New Travel Destinations: Make Your Move in 2024!

If you put Georgia as one of your travel destination resolutions in 2024, you will get to enjoy some of the most delicious cuisine in the world. Georgian cuisine offers Khinkali (delicious soup dumplings), Lobiani (bean pie), various versions of Khachapuri (cheese pie), and many more. Don’t leave this country without tasting as many of its delicious meals as possible!

Visit Batumi Botanical Gardens to enjoy gorgeous nature with sea and mountain views, take a walk in Tbilisi’s old town and visit Sameba, embrace the beauty of streets that combine old and modern architecture, and go skiing in the mountains of Bakhmaro.


If you are looking for an exciting adventure in 2024, look no further than Mongolia. The country is full of traditional culture and marvelous history. You have heard of the great emperor Chinggis Khan, you can follow in his footsteps to explore the gorgeous sights and landscapes of this country.

Resolutions for New Travel Destinations: Make Your Move in 2024!

The best way to learn about the traditional culture of Mongolia is to go to a Mongolian festival. As a traveler, you will be able to gain knowledge about the country by attending Naadam, the three-day festival consisting of traditional Mongolian games and sports.

On your journey to this magnificent country, you will see old Mongolia and new Mongolia in Ulaanbaatar, embrace the beauty of the Gobi Desert, explore the wilderness on horseback, and appreciate the spiritual grandeur of Mongolia’s Buddhist temples.

Final Thoughts

Traveling is one of the most thrilling and stimulating experiences for those of us who can’t stay still. Make 2024 your year and try to visit as many gorgeous places as possible. Whether you want to visit unknown and beautiful places that seem far away or simply have a trip around your own country, remember to buy the travel tickets, book the property, and head on to your journey without having any doubts!