The Royal Holiday Vacation Club provides members with exclusive access to some of the most exotic and spectacular resorts and hotels in over 52 countries. Whether your dream is to experience the glistening waters of Mexico or spend sunny days at the beautiful sandy beaches of Puerto Rico, you will be awarded comfortable accommodation options to create an unforgettable trip. The club has a reach to more than 180 destinations globally so whether you are on a cruising event, a vacation or a business trip, the club is your companion.

The nominal club membership fees provide you with the remarkable opportunity to lock in reasonably priced holiday charges and payments for all your excursions. Whether your desire is to explore Acapulco and San Juan or take in the beauty of the Bahamas, Royal Holiday Vacation Club can transform your fantasies into actual adventures.

Is the Club Membership Worth the Excitement?

With more than 30 years of experience within the tourism and travel sector, the club has an impressively active membership network. The membership exceeds 100,000 and this number continues to grow. The club is an elite recipient of a number of the top travel awards, which speak clearly of the excellence offered by the club, including its exceptional customer service standards.

Royal Holiday Vacation Club Provides Members With Exclusive Vacations

Among the main exclusive benefits members can take advantage of are discounted airfare, discounted cruise packages and lower costs for guided voyages and other vacation packages. Additionally, the club allows its members to benefit from discounts at some of the top resorts and hotels with all the latest in extraordinary privileges and comforts.

Being a member of the Royal Holiday Vacation Club will make vacationing a lot more relaxing and fun, whether you take a trek to London and choose to explore the sights and sounds of Paris. This super exclusive online club enables you to receive the best perks while enjoying vacations all across the globe.

Membership Tailor-made For You

If you delight in private tours to captivating destinations, a Royal Holiday Vacation Club Membership is the way to go. Countless remarkable adventures await when you become a member and opt for the membership plan that satisfies your vacationing needs and budget.

Royal Holiday Vacation Club Provides Members With Exclusive Vacations

The club offers privileges and benefits and invites everyone to come onboard. Five levels of membership exist and the options of the membership program are royal, platinum, gold, silver and bronze. Therefore, you can find budget-friendly packages to suit your needs.

What Can Club Members Expect?

Membership is confirmation that you belong to a club that is recognized and renowned for being the best vacation organization within the national and worldwide tourism sphere.  The company also provides all its members with an overall good lifestyle.

Members have the opportunity to make huge savings on some of the best vacation retreats, 5-star hotels and hospitality and club options all over the world.

Royal Holiday Vacation Club Provides Members With Exclusive Vacations

Club association also provides you with admittance to RCI global hotel exchanges, cruise vacations and itinerary outlining the events involved in your business and personal excursions.

You will be able to plan trips to the best beaches in Mexico, with treasured visits to Park Royal chain resorts and retreats in exotic places like Buenos Aires and Puerto Rico.

Becoming A Member

Visit the website of the club at The website provides relevant details on the deals available to members and highlights exclusive packages and discounts accessible to new members. Additionally, you can benefit from the private customer services provided by the club. These services are tremendously responsive and representatives of the club are available to address your queries and provide additional information on the programs available to members.