If you are feeling like your body could do with a healthy boost of energy, we understand. At this time of year, many people feel sluggish and struggle to prioritise nourishing their body, so we are here to make it simple for you!

Choose Different Coloured Fruits and Veg

The first simple change you can make to fuel your body with healthy food this Spring is to choose different coloured fruits and veg when you do your food shop. It can be difficult to consume the wide variety of nutrients your body needs, so choosing a variety of coloured fruit and veg is a great place to start. This is because the different colours tend to contain different nutrients, for example:

  • Yellow fruits and vegetables such as bananas, lemons, yellow peppers, squash, corn, pineapple and yellow peppers contain vitamin C to detoxify the body, prevent inflammation and improve circulation.
  • Orange fruits and vegetables such as oranges, tangerines, nectarines, peaches, papaya, orange peppers, pumpkin and carrots contain beta-carotene that improves immune function, eye health and helps to reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • Red fruits and vegetables contain good amounts of vitamin A, to help with eye health, support bone health and help the body to defend against illness and infection.
  • Purple fruits and vegetables such as blueberries, purple grapes, kalamata olives, aubergines, purple cauliflower and red onions contain manganese to improve bone health, regulate blood sugar and reduce the risk of severe diseases through its antioxidant properties.
  • Green fruits and vegetables contain a wide range of different vitamins and minerals, so they should contribute quite a large proportion of the fruit and veg you eat. They contain a good amount of iron, which is needed to support many vital functions in the body, such as energy supplies, focus, the immune system and the healthy regulation of body temperature.

Simple Ways To Fuel Your Body This Spring

Overall, when you are buying a wide range of coloured fruit and veg, you know you will be fuelling the body with many of the nutrients that it needs!

Start Your Day With A Smoothie

Whilst we’re on the topic of fruit and veg, one of the best things you can do to fuel your body and feel energised is to start your day with a smoothie. You will immediately be filling your body with amazing nutrients that will help you feel energised and ready for the day. Plus, if you know you have a busy day, this is a great opportunity to consume a good portion of fruit and veg in case you don’t have time throughout the day. This is especially good if you are trying to stay healthy when on holiday!

Simple Ways To Fuel Your Body This Spring

For a really simple smoothie, add half a banana, half a cup of frozen mixed berries, 100ml of apple juice and 100ml of water to a blender. Blend until smooth and then mix in a tablespoon of chia seeds. This is such a delicious and refreshing smoothie that is perfect for breakfast.

If you are a fan of green smoothies, start with the same banana base and then add half a cup of mango, half a cup of spinach and half a cup of celery. Also add a small chunk of fresh ginger to give it a lovely zing. Add in your water and apple juice for another smoothie that is packed full of so many healthy nutrients.

Consider Meal Prep

If you are short on time or really don’t enjoy cooking, a really convenient way to eat healthier is to consider meal prep. There are so many companies who offerprepared meal delivery that is super fresh, filled with so many nutrients and really delicious as well. You don’t need to worry about trying to track the vitamins and minerals in food, as everything is completely nutritionally balanced.

Simple Ways To Fuel Your Body This Spring

Even if you have 5 meals a week just for your lunches, you will be fueling the body properly throughout the day when it really needs it, then you can cook your healthy meals in the evening at home. A lot of these companies are really flexible when it comes to how many meals a day you want and how many days a week you want, to help fit around your schedule. Plus, for many people, ordering meal prep helps them to decrease the amount of food waste they are causing, as all the hard work is done for you, so no odd fruits and veg will be left unnoticed in the fridge.

Final Thoughts

Healthy eating and giving our body the energy it needs doesn’t need to be difficult, complicated or boring, so simply follow these tips and you will notice a big change in how you feel.