While some people may choose to stay home for the summer, for RV owners and renters, summer is the ultimate time to travel. What that means is that now is the time to clean out your RV, replace anything that needs replacing, make repairs, and bring it back to pristine condition. To help keep you on track so your RV is ready in time, here’s a look at the top tips you can use as you prepare for your RV vacation.

Check for Damages

It’s important to do a visual inspection of the exterior and interior of your RV. Even though it’s been sitting dormant for months, it could have still suffered damage. It may even be the case that your RV suffered damaged at the end of the previous season, without you realizing.

Spring Cleaning Tips to Get Your RV Ready for Vacations

If you do have parts, furniture, appliances, or electronics that are no longer working or that are damaged, you can visit Restore RV for replacement items. RV travel is a lot more comfortable when everything is in good working order.

Open it Up and Get Cleaning

First things first, you want to get the doors and windows open to allow the fresh air in. After sitting closed for months on end it’s quite natural for it to have a bit of an odor. That’s nothing a little fresh air and cleaning products can’t cure though.

Spring Cleaning Tips to Get Your RV Ready for Vacations

The areas you’ll want to focus on cleaning are windows, the floors, any counters/surfaces, inside the fridge/oven/microwave, the sink, and the furniture. With the floors, it’s a good idea to start with vacuuming and then follow up with mopping (if they are a hard surface).

The ceilings should also be wiped down, but this can be a bit tricky. A step stool or small ladder will help to make this process smoother. If you have any ceiling fans you will want to give these an especially good cleaning, as they are notorious for dust build-up.

Spring Cleaning Tips to Get Your RV Ready for Vacations

When it comes to the furniture, most items can be dusted and/or vacuumed. If you have a mattress in the bedroom, be sure to give it a really good vacuum.

Check for Insect Infestation

While you are doing your cleaning, you should also be keeping an eye open for any visual signs of insect infestation. Spring is the perfect time to deal with any of these types of issues.

Check Out Insulation and Electrical Connections

These are very important components of your RV, so you want to be sure you give yourself enough time to have repairs done if needed.

Spring Cleaning Tips to Get Your RV Ready for Vacations

Update Any Insurance Information

Before taking the RV out on the open road for that maiden voyage of the season, it’s a good idea to also double-check you have all your insurance information handy. Of course, you also want to be sure that your coverage is up-to-date and covers you properly.

Spring Cleaning Tips to Get Your RV Ready for Vacations

Hit the Roads Worry-Free

Taking the time to prepare your RV for travel season means you are less likely to have issues pop up, giving you more time to enjoy your RV.