The coronavirus pandemic left the world at a standstill in 2020. This year, we’re seeing movement again. Aggressive vaccination campaigns happening simultaneously throughout the world have paved the way for travel to resume.

Most of us long to go places; go on vacation locally or abroad as freely as we did before COVID-19. However, our reality is that a prevalent and deadly virus still threatens humankind. If you wish to travel in the ‘new normal, it’s best to follow the 3Ps.


Traveling in the new normal cannot be done on a whim. Even traveling locally requires a considerable amount of planning. Going places in the middle of a pandemic also means securing some proof of good health, in addition to all your travel documents.

The 3Ps of Travelling in the ‘New Normal’

An emergency notwithstanding, there’s no reason why you can’t give yourself sufficient time to plan a trip. Look up the most searched US travel destinations or places overseas you’ve always wanted to visit. Be aware of what the current situation is like there. Create your itinerary based on the information gleaned.

Lastly, create detailed checklists. You should have one for all the things you need to bring with you. And another list of all the things you’ll need to do prior to boarding that plane.


It is essential that you not only get a medical checkup before departure but that you get tested and vaccinated as well. Note that some countries will require you to submit your PCR results for COVID-19. If the results come out COVID-19 positive, you will have to quarantine for 14 days and monitor your condition. Your travel plans will have to take the backseat until you get better and test negative after quarantine.

The 3Ps of Travelling in the ‘New Normal’

When traveling, always bring your personal protective equipment. Make sure you wear a medical-grade face mask and carry your hand sanitizer. At your destination, practice social distancing. Keep away from overcrowded spots.

A better alternative would be to find some overlooked gem before your trip. Visiting areas off the tourist path will make your holiday safer and far more memorable.


Following health protocols throughout your journey is the most important thing to do to protect yourself while traveling in the “new normal.” Whether you’re jetting off to Italy or Indonesia, be aware of existing health and safety protocols at your intended destination. Be a wise and responsible traveler, and please follow the safety and health protocols at your future destinations.

The 3Ps of Travelling in the ‘New Normal’

A Final Word

We are living in unprecedented times. Travel during a pandemic is something most people, most countries even, are just getting used to. Being an informed, prepared, and responsible traveler allows you to be safer at the locales you intend to explore.