How to Holiday in Munich Like an Expert

There are plenty of must-see towns and cities in Germany, but one of the most popular among tourists is Munich. It has a population of over 1.4 million people making it the 11th largest city in all of Europe. Munich does a great job of showcasing what happens when you combine the old with the new. Its roots date back to 1158 and tourists will have the joy of visiting historic sites and architecture as well as spectacular museums highlighting the country’s history.

But because your holiday can’t last forever, it makes sense to use some expert tips and tricks. Here’s how you can holiday in Munich like an expert.

The Earlier You Plan, the Better

The first tip has to do with the basics of planning. You’ll need to give yourself time to get your Germany Schengen Visa if applicable. You can apply online through to speed up the process.

Because Munich is a very popular destination year-round with tourists, you will find that accommodation options book up fast. This is especially true for any centrally-located hotels that allow tourists to walk to various attractions and sites. And just like the hotels, flights can also be snapped up fast, especially as everyone is anxious to get back to travelling after a couple of years spent at home during the pandemic.

How to Holiday in Munich Like an Expert

Check for Discounts and Cheap Museum Entries

Travelling on a budget? If so, you’ll love the fact that some of the museums in the city have entrance fees as low as one euro. Spend some time researching admission rates before your trip so you can hit up all the best-value spots.

How to Holiday in Munich Like an Expert

For an even more budget-friendly option, there are some museums with free admission including the Biotopia Lab, Botanical Garden, Geological Museum and the Paleontological Museum to name a few.

Be Prepared for Store Closures on Sunday

If your holiday has you in Munich on a Sunday, be aware that many of the shops and supermarkets are closed on this day of the week. It doesn’t mean everything is closed and there’s nothing to do, but it does mean you may need to adjust your plans accordingly.

How to Holiday in Munich Like an Expert

Want to Visit During Oktoberfest? Be Prepared for Massive Crowds

Oktoberfest is the biggest festival that happens in Germany annually, and while it may seem like the perfect time to visit, that’s not necessarily true. The festival attracts huge throngs of locals and tourists which means the hotels fill up quickly, the crowds are dense, wait times increase and even the prices on things like food and drink can go up.

How to Holiday in Munich Like an Expert

Spend Time Strolling the Outdoor Markets

If you like shopping, the outdoor markets in Munich should be on your must-visit list. The Viktualienmarkt is the most popular and is open year-round, but many others are equally as interesting. Another big one is the Christkindlmarkts.

How to Holiday in Munich Like an Expert

Thanks to these expert travel tips and a list of must-see attractions, you’ll enjoy every moment you spend in Munich and already be planning to return.

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