When it comes to travelling, you may inadvertently roll your eyes or clap your hand to your forehead in despair. Not to say that this is not with good reason, as travelling has become a complicated juggling act of flights, car hires and researching accommodations.

You may see the travel to your destination as simply a means to an end and something that you will have to get through in order to enjoy your end destination. Why not make the travel as enjoyable as the vacation itself? Avoid the complications and hassle of travel by taking charge of your next trip and learning to travel like a boss.

Make a Statement with Your Car Hire

If you are looking to get noticed, your choice of car is essential to the image. Opt for a sporty ride or maybe a convertible if your destination is known for good weather. If you are more about comfort than speed, choose a luxury vehicle with all the bells and whistles. With a standout car, you will not only be arriving in style, but you will also make a first impression few will miss.

How to Travel Like a Boss

Consider a Vacation Rental House Instead of a Hotel

Choose the best accommodations in the area to ensure that you can enjoy every aspect of your vacation. If you are planning on hosting other guests, opt for a vacation rental home instead of a hotel room. Vacation rentals are normally located close to many of the attractions the area has to offer or sometimes located directly on a beach or lake. A vacation property gives you the option of being able to entertain multiple guests in comfort. Want to throw a party? You can fit a lot more in a vacation rental and will not have to worry about constant complaints from other hotel guests.

How to Travel Like a Boss

Travel First Class in Your Own Private Jet

To really travel like a boss, fly in the comfort and privacy of your very own private chartered yet. You can forego the hassle of baggage claims and oversold flights by booking your own luxury jet charter. Private jets offer a host of amenities to make your travel so comfortable that you will consider your flight part of your vacation. Not only will you get a better in-flight menu than a bagged snack, you will also have some much-needed elbow and leg room.

How to Travel Like a Boss

Dress Like a Boss

The old adage dress for success applies when travelling like a boss. Ditch the jeans and t-shirt and opt for a suit or business casual ensemble that conveys status even when you are travelling. If you are travelling via commercial airline, you will be dressed and ready for first class accommodations in the event an upgrade is offered. If you want to feel like a boss, you need to look like one.

How to Travel Like a Boss

Go for the Serious Luggage

Leave the backpack and duffle bag in your closet and make sure your luggage represents the image you want to portray. Consider your luggage an accessory as most of the people you interact with during your travels will see it beside you at one point. For your carry on, go with a satchel or leather messenger bag and opt for high end but practical rolling suitcases for the rest.

How to Travel Like a Boss

Always Go for the Upgrade

Always ask for upgraded accommodations or travel whenever the event arises. Most of the time, upgrades are available for a very small fee if you simply inquire about it. If you are a regular traveller, sign up for reward cards that allow you special privileges or upgrades for being a member. When asking for upgrades, always remain polite while conversing with customer support staff, but exude confidence when making your request. Respect the staff members you are talking to as charm will get you far in the service industry, since many staff are used to dealing with angry or hostile customers on a daily basis.

How to Travel Like a Boss

Always Tip for Service

Don’t just tip, over tip when you are given excellent service especially if it is a place you are staying for part of your vacation. Staff will remember good tippers and will make an effort to give you over the top service if they know they will be rewarded for their extra work.

How to Travel Like a Boss

Splurge on Amenities

When travelling first class, additional amenities are worth the extra charge. If you are booking a hotel and they offer a welcome package, go for it. Often, these packages are not unreasonable and can be extremely welcomed after a long trip. During your stay, opt for morning room service at least one day so you can enjoy the start of the day from the comfort of your bed.

How to Travel Like a Boss

By following the tips above you will not only learn the joys of travelling in style, you will also learn how to make your travel part of the adventure. Travel confidently. Travel in style. Travel like a boss.