Top Bike Tour Destinations this Holiday Season

Holiday season means long vacation for many, but this also means months of teeth clenching cold and snow drenched shoes. Plenty of people hate the chilling weather that is why they spend their vacation destination in warmer parts of the world.

Cycling tour is one of the exciting activities travellers who love adventures and outdoor activities do during their vacation. Since snow is not a problem in these places, they can plan their tour anytime they want. All they need is a sturdy bike and they are ready to go.

There are plenty of biking tour destinations in the world. But if you are looking for an unforgettable experience, here are the places you must visit:

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town attracts sport cyclists because of its annual Cape Town Cycle Tour. But for recreational bikers, there are plenty of tourist spots you can access via biking. The cultural heritage of the city, paired with its fascinating architecture encourages thousands of visitors from the cold regions of the world. If you want a memorable trip, check out picturesque view of the town on top of Table Mountain National Park.

Top Bike Tour Destinations this Holiday Season

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Southeast Asia is a perfect destination for backpackers because of its cheap food and accommodation.  Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam is one of the most visited city in this continent. Rich in history and warm locals, there’s nothing boring about the city. Visit the Cao Dai Great Temple and the War museum. If you are ready for some hard pedalling, ask travel agencies to try the 1,200-kilometer route from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City.

Top Bike Tour Destinations this Holiday Season

Munda Biddi Trail, Western Australia

Tired of city tours? Be one with nature when you take a cycling tour in Munda Biddi Trail, Western Australia. Bike along the stretch of eucalyptus trees in Jarrah forest and have a personal encounter with wallabies, kangaroos, and possums. The trail is not as smooth as other bike trails, so look for bikes with front and back suspension. Like bikes online from Cycling Express, which provides front and back suspension to keep stability during bumpy trails.

Top Bike Tour Destinations this Holiday Season

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Malaysia is not just famous for its pristine beaches. It is also famous for the abundance of outdoor activities it offers. One of the best is a bike tour around the Cameron Highlands. While main roads are not as relaxed because of the lack of bike lanes, it is still enjoyable to tour the area. Check out the famous Taiping mangrove forest and the Boh tea plantation. The plantation can be a bit touristy so be ready to maneuver your bike accurately.

Top Bike Tour Destinations this Holiday Season

Andes Mountains and Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

South America offers more than great food, beautiful beaches, and deep culture. In Ecuador, you can visit the Andes Mountains and Galapagos Island riding your bike. Cycle around the old towns of Otavalo and Cuenca. Bring your bike on a boat to Las Tintoreras to see the home of the Galapagos turtle and penguin. There’s so many places to visit in the Ecuador, so you will never get bored riding around the place.

Top Bike Tour Destinations this Holiday Season

Have a fun and memorable vacation this coming holiday’s and explore the warmth and thrill these biking destination offers. Holidays in these parts of the world, can be as merry minus the cold.

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