Whether you are a photo artist, nature photographer, or a beginner shutterbug, there are ways by which you can make money with photography. But only a few of us consider our passions like photography as a full-time job. You will be surprised to know that most popular full-time photographers today did not know how to make money with photography from the beginning. It was just incidental.

Selling your work is definitely one of the best feelings there are, so get out of your comfort zone, believe in your own magic and start to make money with photography today.

How to Make Money As A Photographer in 2019

Having said that, enlisted below are some of the things that you need to keep in mind in order to succeed. Photographers are one of the luckiest people on the planet as they get paid for what they love. But to reach perfection, it requires excellent skills and an ultimate strategy. Give a chance to your artistic pursuit by selecting the right business.

Commercialize your business

Doing commercial work can be extremely satisfying. But there are some things to keep in mind if you want to start with commercial photography shoots. This is one large category. Architectural Photography, Fashion Photography, Food Photography, Environmental Portraits, all are an example of commercial photography. All the categories have an online platform that they need to fill with beautiful images. This is where you come in and offer commercial shoots for various brands in a studio or outdoors. Most often, commercial photographers shoot in a studio so they can have a solid backdrop. For this type of work you will have to be familiar with working in a studio. You will have to invest in a studio and other accessories that will require you to meet the client’s demands.

How to Make Money As A Photographer in 2019

If you don’t have the funds to invest in a studio and staff for controlling studio lights to get the desired effects on your products, then try and connect with a Commercial Photographer in Wolverhampton to get a job there as a photographer. They may let you use their equipment for your commercial photoshoot, all you will have to do is work on the projects they have already been assigned. Also, assisting professional photographer will give you a chance to gain more practice. While you may start out with a decent phone camera, it will only lead you to another standstill. So, don’t rely on it too much.

Sell your Work

Everybody loves beautiful images. In the 21st century, the possibility to acquire art is not just limited to a small circle of high society individuals. Create your own website and upload your shots and portfolios on it. You can sell your work there. Your visitors will then be able to browse your photos in the highest quality possible and select/ order the one(s) they like. Just like any business, the more exposure you get through your website, the more orders you’ll receive, the more opportunities you will get. You can not just sell your portfolio of images on the stock sites too. You can also sell prints by uploading them online through a third-party seller.

How to Make Money As A Photographer in 2019

Write a Blog on Photography

You can make money by starting a photography blog. If you are itching to reveal Shakespeare in you, this is your chance. A photography blog will give your client a lot of reasons to feel comfortable with hiring you. It gives you an opportunity to tell everybody who you are, why you are a photographer, and how valuable you can be for a prospective client. It will also boost the Search Engine Optimization of your photography website. A well-maintained blog can shoot up the search rankings. Another benefit of writing a photography blog is that it is a great way for your clients to share the images you took of them. People love to be featured on a photographer’s blog and will definitely share the link with all on their friend list. At the core, a blog will help you build your personal brand. It is different than a portfolio or various social networking sites. Your personal brand makes you unique.

How to Make Money As A Photographer in 2019

Final Thoughts

The ones mentioned above are the top ways of making money with photography. Initially, it might be challenging to turn your passion into a stream of income. With patience, time and practice, you will be able to master your photography skills.