Make It Special

It’s not always possible for a newlywed couple to travel somewhere exotic, but it’s been a prime custom of marriages for decades. It’s a well-known cliche, as a matter of fact: the beautiful young couple gets married and then vacations in Hawaii or Figi or somewhere of that caliber during their honeymoon.

But two things are influencing  this trend today. One, finding exotic locales to spend your honeymoon at is becoming more affordable—though it’s still quite expensive. Two, there are many exotic locales which can provide essentially the same experience for a bare minimum of the cost!

Wedding Trends Are Favoring Exotic Locales

Consider this scenario. You’re from Wyoming, but you’ve got enough money between you, the groom, and your families to throw the wedding of your dreams on the beach in Ocean City, Maryland. You’ve heard of the resort town, you know of its gorgeous pier, and you visited as a child. It’s the perfect spot, and you want to get married on the beach. Yo9 also want a place with plenty to do after the main event.

Now you haven’t been there since you were a child, so you don’t know exactly what it will be like now—but you know from the internet the old amusement park and the pier are still there. When you and your new mate arrive, it will be an experience almost like visiting another country. And it will be on the beach—but you’ll still be in-country.

Wedding Trends Are Favoring Exotic Locales

Savings And Aesthetic Satisfaction

On the plus side, you save thousands of dollars, curtailing initial post-ceremony stresses. There’s a reason why brides plan so far in advance! There is much potential stress they’re trying to avoid, and they want to get every detail right. Wardrobe, for instance is incredibly important for a wedding.

Wedding Trends Are Favoring Exotic Locales

When it comes to your wedding dress, it makes sense to find the most selection so that you can meet your aesthetic needs for the wedding itself. If you check this link, a site which understands that: “…details of your bridal gown will depend a lot on the theme of your wedding…” can provide you ample selection in gowns.

If you’re thinking out your dress to that degree, you want to think out the location just as carefully! Also, you want to consider the after-party. You’re going to have to clean things up. You want to maybe have a several week honeymoon breather before then!

Wedding Trends Are Favoring Exotic Locales

Even the finest weddings have a little bit of after-work for the bride and groom. There are thank you cards that must be sent, pictures, gifts which must be kept or returned, the list goes on. There’s no sense diving in right away, the honeymoon is very important! So maybe have it somewhere that the time can be stretched and maximized.

Relax, Enjoy Your Wedding

There are several reasons so many couples are choosing locations like Ocean City: it’s local, cost-effective, and exciting. Princess Royale is a resort with many rooms perfect for a honeymoon, too; as points out, they offer: “two and three bedroom oceanfront condominiums…ideal for…romantic getaways…” See more here for details.

Wedding Trends Are Favoring Exotic Locales

There are many factors to take into account, but the easier you make your wedding on yourself, the better. Remember that nothing can be made perfect. You can approach perfection, but it’s beyond the reach of human beings. However, you can control your reaction to anything.

If what you’re reacting to is a beautiful, cost-effective resort town literally right on one of the most temperate oceans in the world, then you’ll definitely maximize your enjoyment of both the ceremony, the honeymoon, and perhaps even your marriage. Travel to a sunny beach and start things off right.