When picturing your dream wedding most peoples would initial think of a church rather than a cruise liner. But cruise weddings are on the rise. A 2010 report in the New York Times indicated that there has been a 60% rise in bookings for cruise weddings over the last wedding; it seems like more and more people are opting to say ‘I do’ at sea. But what are the benefits of a cruise wedding and it could be plain sailing for you and your spouse-to-be? Here are some things to consider if you are planning on making your nuptials in a nautical setting.

The setting

The thought of getting married on an exotic island or even on the deck of the ship itself is a major selling point for most couples looking to wed onboard a cruise liner. Something about the natural, breathtaking beauty of the ocean is timelessly romantic and saying your vows with it as a backdrop is the type of moment that memories are made of. After the ceremony, newly-weds can enjoy a 5 star meal and relax in their luxurious suite. It really doesn’t get much more romantic than this.

Romance At Sea: The Rise Of Cruise Weddings

The planning

Studies put planning a wedding amongst some of the most stressful experiences that you’ll experience during your lifetime but cruise weddings are mercifully straightforward to plan – mostly because the vast majority of cruise weddings packages come complete with a planner who will arrange everything on your behalf! From photography and food to licensing, currency and travel insurance, your planner will arrange the details of your big day leaving you free to look forward to it rather than becoming stressed and anxious about whether or not you remembered to order the flowers and prep the bridesmaids. And when the big day arrives think of your liner as a one-stop-shop for all of your wedding needs. From the onboard spa and salon, to sumptuous restaurants, glorious scenery for the photography and plenty of entertainment to enchant your guests…everything you need for a wedding is onboard and easily accessible.

The guest list

Arranging the guest list is an unenviable task for any couple. No matter how hard you try, there will always be someone who is upset that they weren’t invited. Planning a cruise wedding can cut out that little faux pas entirely. The chances are that most of your guests won’t have the time or money to join you at sea which means you can celebrate solo or just with close family and friends and be absolved of any guilt too! However if you are the sort of person who dreams of saying your vows in front of a crowd then there is usually an option to get married while the ship is docked meaning that your wedding party can attend the service then disembark before you set sail.

Romance At Sea: The Rise Of Cruise Weddings

Cost effective

One wedding magazine suggests that the ‘average’ white wedding can cost in excess of £30,000! For many couples this just isn’t a realistic budget. However a cruise wedding can help you to cut costs without compromising on style. Although different liners and packages can vary dramatically, they are generally great value and you’ll also save money as you are combining the cost of the wedding and honeymoon. Planning a cruise wedding usually entitles you to some added extras onboard too. This may include priority check in, discounted use of facilities such as the spa, excess baggage allowance and maybe even a free cabin upgrade. Shop around for the best liner to meet your needs and your budget – you may be pleasantly surprised about what you can afford.

Romance At Sea: The Rise Of Cruise Weddings

The honeymoon

One of the best things about a cruise weddings is getting to combine your wedding and honeymoon. People love cruising because it offers you the opportunity to visit multiple destinations while travelling in style and only having to unpack once! This holiday of a lifetime could be the perfect way to represent your life as man and wife. Do your research before booking your cruise though, bearing in mind that the sea some areas of the world (particularly the Caribbean) can get pretty turbulent during hurricane season. In some cases even major liners are unable to tender at certain ports meaning that the stop offs have to be cancelled or rescheduled.

Romance At Sea: The Rise Of Cruise Weddings