If you have thought about traveling on your next vacation to Paris, the Capital of France, you have chosen the most pleasant, fascinating and nutritious adventure of your life. Before starting your trip to this unforgettable and paradisiacal city, you must consider important aspects to have a successful trip. First, you must consult your budget and choose what best suits your possibilities. What follows is the selection and schedule of visits to the most emblematic places in this city for the maximum enjoyment of your trip, and bring your camera ready to take the best photo of your life.

We offer you a list of 4 spectacular places that you can’t miss and will make you dream of repeating your trip.

1. Eiffel Tower

Emblematic symbol of the city of light, visited by more than 6,000,000 tourists annually. At nightfall occurs the most spectacular and unimaginable flash of lights that magically illuminate the great structure. From there you can enjoy the amazing beauty of the city with the unstoppable influx of the beautiful Sena River. This wonderful and spectacular landscape will not let you stop contemplating this beauty. This experience is unbeatable, ideal to capture romantic moments.

What Can You See in Paris

2. Louvre Museum

If you love art, it is a sin not to visit it. The immense collection of antiquities and works of art of all times inside are unimaginable. It offers options for all tastes.  You will lack time to enjoy and appreciate its beauty.

What Can You See in Paris

3. The Cathedral of Notre Dame

Imosing architecture of the Gothic art, that lodges the catholic religion and invites to contemplate its majestic beauty. From its towers you can enjoy a charming view of the city of Paris.

What Can You See in Paris

4. Orsay Museum

You will be dazzled with such beauty. Its dream architecture with a spectacular central clock, houses works such as Monett and other Impressionist works. It works in a building that was originally a train station. It is a special place to taste the richest coffee, in the best company surrounded by art and beautiful spaces.

What Can You See in Paris

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