Think again if you have the habit of waking up to the sweet aroma and taste of tea or coffee. Your habit comes with dental health risks not worth ignoring. Even if you can’t resist the urge to sip the hot beverage in the morning, you have to look at the damage they cause to your teeth over time. A wonderful start to the morning aside, a cup of tea of coffee daily is definitely a recipe for bad teeth and the habit has to be curbed sooner rather than later to restore the dazzle and glow of your pearly whites.

Here are 3 majors way in which coffee and tea may affect your teeth:

1 – Staining

Stop drinking tea or coffee if you love your teeth. These beverages are known to stain or discolor your teeth gradually to make them look yellowish. Since your enamel is absorbent in nature, it does not take long for coffee or tea to seek into it and start staining from within. If the habit is not culled, sooner or later your pearly whites might change into dark yellow. The more you drink the more effect these drinks will have on your teeth. You can cut back on the frequency to minimize the extent of damage to some extent.

Coffee And Tea:  How Do They Affect Your Teeth?

2 – Enamel Damage

Any food or drink with acidic content or flavor is bad for your dental health. It can wear away the enamel over time eventually leading to cavities and risk of tooth decay. Your daily cup of tea or coffee can thus weaken the enamel on your teeth to deteriorate your dental health in a big way. Allowing acidic things to come in contact with your teeth is liking giving them a free invitation to harm your teeth and they will oblige for sure. So, try to limit the daily frequency of your hot cup of tea to keep the teeth damage to a lower level.

Coffee And Tea:  How Do They Affect Your Teeth?

3 – Stress

Tea and coffee contain certain chemicals which can increase stress levels. People with drink these beverages are more likely to experience stress and lack of sleep. And with stress tags along another problem of teeth grinding while in sleep. This grinding could lead to tear and wear on your teeth; this habit comes with risk to tooth enamel apart from resulting in oral problems like sensitive teeth and tooth damage. In addition, pain the jaw and teeth is common to people who grind as this puts strain on the jaw’s muscles.

Coffee And Tea:  How Do They Affect Your Teeth?

How to minimize tea or coffee damage to your teeth?

You have clearly seen how your daily cup of tea or coffee is not good for your dental health no matter how much you love them. You should thus not allow these drinks to leave your teeth stained, yellowish or weakened. You can follow certain tips to minimize the damages. They include –

  • First of all, reduce the intake of tea o coffee that you drink daily as this will help greatly
  • Staining and damage to your teeth will come down drastically when you consume your favorite drink less often
  • Start drinking them through a straw to limit their harmful contact with your teeth
  • It’s good to rinse or brush your mouth after drinking a cup of tea of coffee to not allow staining agents to stick inside and cause harms
  • Don’t drink before hitting the bed else it can multiply the harm and leave you with stained teeth earlier than you would imagine

Coffee And Tea:  How Do They Affect Your Teeth?

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