One of the prerequisites of any garage is that its flooring should be very durable, easy to clean and have a certain level of stain resistance. However, when in the market for a garage floor you need to consider your budget and personal taste.

Our goal with this article is to highlight three of the best garage flooring options which will help you make an informed decision.

The Budget-Friendly Option

You can use latex based paint as well as acrylic based paints. It is the cheapest option and very easy to install. Opting for paint means that it is something you can do yourself and there are many colors from which to choose. Plus the paints are durable though they will have to be reapplied in a few years’ time. Also, even though they can be cleaned easily, they are stained just as easily which is a downside for a space like your garage.

Which is the Best Garage Flooring Option for You?

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Mid-Range Garage Flooring

Similar to the latex based paint we discussed above, but this one has epoxy. You can apply it yourself, and all you need is the right stuff to pull it off. Alternatively, hiring a professional will save you time, and you can be assured of a professional finish. Epoxy paint is expensive but much more durable. It also happens to be both stain and water resistant. The flooring can be further finished with flakes and chips.

Which is the Best Garage Flooring Option for You?


Expensive Option

Tiles are perhaps the most durable of all the three options. Though there are many different types of tiles. You can get rubber tiles that snap together, or you can use a rubber matting which is easy to clean and will come in some colors. Then you also have vinyl composite tiles, that are the ones you see at most grocery stores, these, as well, are easy to clean and are not easily stained. And finally, you have the most expensive type of tiles, i.e., porcelain. These tiles are much thicker but more durable yet at the same time are very easy to clean.

Which is the Best Garage Flooring Option for You?

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When putting down tiles, you need first to make sure that the underlying concrete is in excellent condition. So, if there are cracks and holes, those need to be filled in. Perhaps consult with a flooring expert to learn more about the various garage floor options and how to adequately prepare the concrete correctly.

Call for a Garage Makeover

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