A Local’s Guide to the Lake District

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Amazing Crystal Clear Blue Color Of Pukaki Lake

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Snowy Fairy Tale – Lake Louise

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Lake Without Bottom – See The Extraordinary Beauty Of Blue Eye

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Frozen Bubbles Under The Surface Of Lake Abraham

Mother Nature really worked hard for us in order never to feel bored. Wonderful and amazing phenomena we can see… Read More

National Park Yoho – The Miracle Of Canada

The National park Yoho, whose name is taken from Native Americans, means 'miracle'. Founded in 1886, it will not leave… Read More

Birds Turned Into Statues At Lake Natron

Lake Natron in northern Tanzania is salty lake. It is located on the border with Kenya. But, this lake has… Read More

Lake Tahoe And Its Floating Skate Ramp

Lake Tahoe stretches along the border of California in Nevada and is the second deepest lake in the United States.… Read More

Lake Baikal – The Heart of Siberia

As vast as sea and as deep as ocean, Russia's Lake Baikal is one of the World's greatest natural wonders. An… Read More

Perfect Month To Visit Amazing Place Called Mazury Lake District

Considering the scorching heat in summer and cold winters, September and October are a perfect months to visit beautiful place… Read More

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