5 Activities to try only in Antarctica

No matter how hard we love our home, it is always nice to discover new places, try new exotic foods or get involved in new exciting activities. Among wide range of touristic destinations, it is sometimes hard to find what our souls wants. We have been tired of sunny beaches, rainbow cocktails and cheap markets of popular resorts. Sometimes we are unable to set thoughts together. There is only one wish to see what we have never seen before and do what has never been done yet.

That is when we stop thinking over tropical countries and safari trips. What we need is zodiac Antarctica cruise to deepest colds, penguins and huge icebergs. Here the main activities that attract hundreds of tourists to these fancy territories.


Is there any other place we can get in touch with cute penguins, give them a hug (or many hugs) and take the coolest photos ever? This becomes possible at Deception Bay. Once a volcano – now home for the biggest Chin Strap Penguin colony in the world.

5 Activities to try only in Antarctica

These birds are not afraid of people and gladly pose for tourists, letting them touch themselves. Do not forget to bring in some treats for little pals. But only those they are allowed to eat.

Hot spring

Yep, one can do that in Antarctica. Just leave cute penguins behind, come closer to water and dig in. as said before, this island is a former volcano. It consists of soft volcanic soil. Once one digs a hole in it – warm water comes up and covers it up. Welcome to your natural hot tub.

Enjoy bathing in warm salty water. It is not only a pleasant time spending but extremely healthy thing as well. It has good impact on certain skin, lungs and joints conditions.


We all can recap some childhood stories where we licked certain stuff we should not in winter. And as a result – stuck tongues and parents messing around with hot water trying to save us till it got worse. How about licking something worthy? A whole iceberg in Antarctica.

5 Activities to try only in Antarctica

Not many people can brag about that. Become one – take a helicopter tour. Visit the place where they rest. By the way, helicopter ride is one of the best ways of enjoying Antarctic’s marvelous scenery.


Love rafting or sailing? Than this activity will make you jump with happiness. A lot of companies offer tourists try themselves riding real kayaks. These cute boats only seem easy for controlling. In truth – it is a real challenge for anyone.


Want more extreme? Stay overnight in one of Antarctica’s camping places. Wondering around in kayaks might help you choose the right spot for it. Do not forget to consult a guide on details.

5 Activities to try only in Antarctica

Make sure you are ready to sleep in a tent at the coldest climate ever. If this does not scare you – go ahead, the book for Antarctica.

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