Every year, most of us go through a lengthy process of deciding what wall color to go for. Apart from hygiene, it can also bring a little bit of a pleasant change in our lives. If you are not adventures or if you are uncertain whether some colors would suit your living space, you are welcome to my brief piece of advice.

Paint the exterior

I am not exactly sure how much time you are planning on spending in this house but if it is at least a couple of years than it probably is worth repainting the run-down exterior. Inspiration is all around you. Play with lights and contrasts. Use different shades of the same color or use a contrasting color pattern. This will add edge and beauty to your curb appeal

6 Painting Ideas to Give Your Home a Fresh New Look

Photo by PBH Design

Consider the space

Rather than deciding on one color for the entire house, invest a bit of time into deciding on a different color scheme for each room individually. You will probably need several days to do this properly. Make a note every time you notice something which is bothering you or which you particularly like about a certain room. Once you have notes on each room, have a stroll around the house and see how the rooms compare to each other and to the house as a whole.

6 Painting Ideas to Give Your Home a Fresh New Look

Photo by Polsky Perlstein Architects

Find the best neutral

Find an appropriate neutral color. Of course, you can go for white but it won’t look anything else but clean. Have a look at a manufacturer’s catalog and see which ones you like the best. You can also have a look online to see which colors are the most popular for let’s say 2017. There is a trend of increasing popularity of dark neutral colors, however, the actual shade of the color you choose should depend on the size of the space and the amount and the type of the light in the room.

6 Painting Ideas to Give Your Home a Fresh New Look

Photo by Martha O’Hara Interiors

Alter the size

As a rule, bright colors open space and dark close it. You should choose a light shade of a color if you want a room to be bigger and a dark one if you want it to be smaller or cozier. If you want a room to appear ‘thinner’ or ‘thicker’  you can use paint to do the trick. Choose a darker shade for those walls you wish to seem closer. The same goes for sealing of rooms that you find too high. Lighter shades have the exact opposite effect.

6 Painting Ideas to Give Your Home a Fresh New Look

Photo by The Middleton Group

Use accent walls

An accent wall is the focus of your room. In a bedroom, it is behind your head piece, in a living room it is where the TV is or your favorite piece of art. It is entirely your choice, although some walls are a natural focus and there is not much to think about. An accent wall should complement and contrast the neutral color you have selected.

6 Painting Ideas to Give Your Home a Fresh New Look

Photo by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Emphasize the good

The same way you will eventually add small accent color figurines, pots, cushions etc you can use the color to paint smaller surfaces such as doors or door frames. For example, you can select the poised taupe for your neutral and paint the doors and windows green. Also, you can use the accent color to draw attention to any attractive detail you may have in a room.

6 Painting Ideas to Give Your Home a Fresh New Look

Photo by Michelle Walker architects

Hide the bad

Professional painting Sydney based service reveals that everything you find unattractive in your home, architecturally, can be concealed by painting it the same color the wall behind  is and thus have it blend in with the rest of the room. This applies to weird corners, chimneys, indents, and bumps as well as heating pipes and various cords. If necessary, wrap it appropriately to protect it and paint over it.

6 Painting Ideas to Give Your Home a Fresh New Look

Photo by Patterson Custom Homes

With a little bit of effort and research, you can create a home up to your highest standards. The way you have used perspective to create a more comfortable space will make you feel at ease in your home. If you are relaxed, the chances are that your family members will enjoy the same benefits and you will be able to feed of the mutual positive energy and create a better living environment for the entire family.