Lighting plays a powerful role in interior design and can transform the mood and appeal of your home, particularly light fixtures that blend style and function. Take, for example, chandeliers. Chandeliers are known for being classy and stylish statement pieces. But do you always have to buy premade fixtures? Is there a way to make your lighting a reflection of your personality? If you’re crazy over chandeliers, here’s how you can design your own customizable chandelier to give your home that extra something you’re looking for.

Determine Your Style (and Who Can Help You Put It Together)

There are so many types of chandeliers out there, something that’s further complicated by the fact that many people have come up with stunning DIY ideas that could enhance any space.

Before you dive into the first idea you see, ask yourself, what type of look am I going for with my new chandelier? Perhaps you want a more rustic option to offer your patio space more warmth when you sit out there at night. Maybe, you want a classier DIY option to hang in the dining room instead. Regardless of what you’re looking for, set aside some time to plan it out so that you have a clear picture of what you want and how to achieve it.

Crazy Over Chandeliers? Design Your Own Customizable Chandelier

Photo by Cohen Construction Inc.

You should also consider who will be doing the project. If you’re someone who’s highly creative and great with tools, there are tons of ideas out there that you could pursue on your own (whether this means using materials that you may have laying around or purchasing new materials to create an entirely new product).

Crazy Over Chandeliers? Design Your Own Customizable Chandelier

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If you’re not prepared to tackle a DIY project by yourself, don’t worry. There are businesses out there that offer customizable chandelier options that can meet your needs. Instead of taking on your own DIY project, you could instead leverage some funds from a house improvement loan to hire a contractor to help redesign your interior lighting to your liking. Whether you’re interested in pendant chandeliers or more traditional options, the potential is limitless!

Consider the Type of Lighting You’ll Need for Your Space

Creating a DIY chandelier is relatively easy for those who have found the right idea that matches their skills. What few may consider after they’ve put the chandelier together is what type of bulb or bulbs to choose for the inside. It can be easy to install the wrong lighting that either doesn’t match the surrounding lighting in the room or install lighting that’s far too bright for a confined space that makes it difficult to enjoy. Put simply, the style of your chandelier is important, but the type of bulb and lighting you choose definitely can help you elevate the look of your fixture completely.

Crazy Over Chandeliers? Design Your Own Customizable Chandelier

Photo by Laird Jackson Design House, LLC.

For more intimate settings where the chandelier will be directly overhead, you may want to find warm lighting that’s easy on the eyes. For areas where the chandelier is going to be much higher, such as in a large foyer, you’re going to need stunning lighting that can reach the floor as well as the far corners of the room. That being said, finding the proper lighting isn’t always an easy feat. Look for designer light bulbs that offer you the power and quality that you need to get the most out of your chandelier and your space.

Know Where You’re Going to Station the Chandelier Once It’s Finished

Creating your own DIY chandelier is simple. Placing it in the right space? Not everyone may know exactly where their chandelier should be. If you plan on using a chandelier to create a warmer space in your home, the major goal is to use your chandelier as a focal point for your room, placing it directly in the center so as to reach all of the areas that your recessed lighting may miss or that the outside light may not reach. After all, a chandelier isn’t like any other light or lamp in your home. Its purpose is to draw attention while providing your home with the lighting you need to create a brilliant, open space. Once your DIY chandelier is finished, you’ll have a dedicated spot for it that will draw guests’ attention and steal the show!

Crazy Over Chandeliers? Design Your Own Customizable Chandelier

Photo by Johnston Design Group

From the moment we see the glittering crystals of a chandelier sparkling in the middle of the room, most of us are hooked on the look and style. That being said, not all of us want to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to get our very own. But as it is with most home improvement ideas, there are alternatives out there that can help you get that same look at a much lower price point. If you want a chandelier for your home and you want it to come at a lower price point, design your own customizable chandelier using the tips above so that you can light up your space the way you like most!