Property owners, like you, need security and energy efficiency while demanding creativity of style in windows. Doors are another consideration that has many choices in style without lessening the security. Today’s style choices incorporate energy efficiency while ensuring security and ease of accessibility. Enjoy the view from new windows. Allow entry to the property with secure and stylist doors. Know what to look for in energy efficiency and creative doors & windows ideas for your property.

Energy efficient windows with pleasing views

  • Replacement windows with double and triple glazed panes lower heating bills.
  • New, snug fitting windows eliminate drafts and loss of energy to the elements.
  • Today’s choices in window replacement incorporate an array of colours, casing materials and styles.
  • Aluminium clad alu-clad is an improved addition to the timber frame windows, which add security, strength and durability.

Creative Doors & Windows Ideas for Your Property

Beach Style Exterior by Oakland Architects & Building Designers Jace Architecture

uPVC. Aluminium clad, Timber frame window choices

When a property owner wishes to change, or upgrade, his windows has choices in uPVC or Timber frame. There are replacement timber frame sash windows, which are traditional and in demand in keeping with the style of an existing property or often used to give character to a modern building. If the property owner chooses a timber frame window, he will enjoy the craftsmanship and durability of wood encasing double glazed glass.

Creative Doors & Windows Ideas for Your Property

Farmhouse Living Room by Boston Architects & Building Designers ZeroEnergy Design

Alu-clad or aluminium wrapped hard wood frames incorporates the traditional timber frame with the wrapping of aluminium to reinforce durability, security and low maintenance of the window. The property will have the look of the timber frame style and the added protection against the elements of the extra outer layer of aluminium.

Creative Doors & Windows Ideas for Your Property

Contemporary Home Office by Austin General Contractors Soledad Builders, LLC

Energy efficiency is not compromise with a traditional style. Encasing windows with uPVC allows for style and ease of maintenance for the property owner and can be used on sash. Bay, tilt turn or casement styles. There are many colour options with uPVC windows. Arched and other styles of windows look particularly pleasing with the uPVC option. Many tall or high placed windows using uPVC is a wise choice making for ease of maintenance.

Creative Doors & Windows Ideas for Your Property

Contemporary Exterior by Sydney Architects & Building Designers Christopher Polly Architect

Doors that are inviting and secure

Doors made using uPVC are low maintenance in construction and do not need to be stained or painted. Property owners will enjoy the strength of uPVC doors. He will also love the ease of cleaning, secure interior glazed glass. A high quality choice in door with the durability and low maintenance in demand.

Creative Doors & Windows Ideas for Your Property

Craftsman Entry by Palo Alto Architects & Building Designers Tali Hardonag

The creativity of door options include the composite door option, as well. Composite door designs have strength, longevity of wear and energy efficiency. The composite door has the beautiful look of solid timber, strength of steel and light weight fiberglass and the reinforcement of the polyurethane center. The modern construction of the composite door means less warping, weathering and energy escape. Styles range from traditional, Ultra contemporary and Heritage.

Creative Doors & Windows Ideas for Your Property

Contemporary Entry by Davis Design-Build Firms MAK Design + Build Inc.

Top of the line Creative Doors & Windows Ideas for your Property

There are many creative doors & windows ideas for your property in the Dublin and surrounding areas. The experts at Boyne Rock Ltd help property owners and builders decide on the right windows and doors and the right style and materials. Low maintenance, creative style for the space and security are a priority for your creative doors & windows ideas for your property. Check out the doors and windows at Whether you are in need of entry, patio, or sliding doors or sash, tilt turn, bay, arched or other windows. You, the property owner, deserve the best in construction, energy efficiency, craftsmanship and security, which is offered by Boyne Rock Windows & Doors. Contact their expert professionals for information on high craftsmanship in doors & windows.

Creative Doors & Windows Ideas for Your Property

Midcentury Patio by Carpinteria Architects & Building Designers Neumann Mendro Andrulaitis Architects LLP