More Excitement Than You Realized

Certainly, some may not find enough adventure in America to satiate their needs. For some people, a vacation isn’t a vacation unless some distant realm like the land of Australia is being explored for the first time. And, while a dream vacation in Australia could be loads of fun, it turns out the US has plenty of adventure of its own.

For example: when’s the last time you hiked through trees like those in Ewok villages of Star Wars fame to a beach nigh-private and looking onto a vista of the mighty Pacific that seems almost tropical? If you haven’t done anything like that in a while, you might want to look up some of the resorts around California’s own redwood forest.

Finding Your Perfect Vacation Getaway

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This region has been famous for decades, and features some of the most breathtaking hikes, views, and experiences you’ll likely ever encounter. But then again, the forest isn’t for everyone. Some prefer the vast, unforgiving desert.

Finding Your Perfect Vacation Getaway

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Las Vegas can be a trip rife with gambling and nature exploration. Nevada has more to offer than just nightlife. And you can have some outdoor experiences in this part of the country that you’ll never forget!

Finding Your Perfect Vacation Getaway

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The East Coast

For those who like the beach and the sun, Florida is a prime location. It’s always hot and humid in Florida, and the water is seldom too cold to swim in. January may be chillier than most months, but the waters in Florida will still likely be somewhat more forgiving than those of the frozen Pacific to the west! Depending on your preference, of course.

Finding Your Perfect Vacation Getaway

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Speaking of preferences, regardless of where you decide to travel when the wanderlust grabs you, you want to plan things out. Many people travel during the holiday; and while there are some good holiday travel tips available out there, a better tack may be to travel during the off-season.

Finding Your Perfect Vacation Getaway

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Sure, certain amenities won’t be available at some resorts during the off-season. And some will be closed—this is especially true of mountain ski resorts who have a dependency on the weather. But in other places like Ocean City, Maryland, as an example, the off-season boasts uncrowded entertainment.

Finding Your Perfect Vacation Getaway

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You might want to check out Myrtle Beach on the off-season if you’re ever in South Carolina. Most of the shops near the massive Ferris wheel on the beach are still open, but the crowds are gone—only locals remain.

Finding Your Perfect Vacation Getaway

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Be Where You Want To Be

Again, though, it all boils down to preference. You want to vacation somewhere where you want to be, not somewhere you feel compelled to be either because of your travel companions, or your own inability to find something better. Being where you want to be is much more easily accomplished when consolidated resort data is available.

Finding Your Perfect Vacation Getaway

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America has many resorts available for exploration, and gives you the ability to search through all the best ones by state. This can be done much more quickly than if you were to pursue the footwork yourself. All you’ve got to do is: “Select a region using the map,” and you’re on your way.

Finding Your Perfect Vacation Getaway

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You will find states that don’t tend to have many resorts—or any, like North Dakota—as well as those that are surprisingly filled with them. Wyoming has ten resorts, even though it has around half the population of North Dakota. There’s more to see in windy Wyoming, apparently.

Finding Your Perfect Vacation Getaway

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If you haven’t treated yourself with a vacation recently, it may be time for a weekend getaway—or maybe even an extended stay. Do a little research and see which parts of America you haven’t explored yet. Your finest vacation adventure might be just around the corner.