If you have a penchant for just about anything related to fishing, Canada is one of the best places to be. This charming country is an abode of many excellent fishing spots due to its rich bodies of water where different types of fish reside.

Looking for the right spots is not that hard, you can try asking local fisherman’s that lives in the area where you plan to go fishing. After all, Canada never runs out of interesting swaths of wilderness, especially for fishing aficionados like you.

Get Reel, Go Fish: Top 5 Fishing Spots In Canada

Now gear up and check these five best fishing spots in the Great White North!

The Queen Charlotte Islands

If you’re aiming to fish for salmons, then this is the place for you. The Queen Charlotte Islands is one of the places in Canada where you can catch high-quality salmons. This island is home to a wide range of wildlife and is famous for the natural and historical cultura it has.

Get Reel, Go Fish: Top 5 Fishing Spots In Canada

Murray Foubister [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

This mysterious and fascinating island offers the world’s most excellent salmon. Fogs always surround the island and are also considered to be an ideal spot not just for fishing but also for vacation. The shoreline in areas like these is a perfect home to different schools of fish.

Tree River

If you’re planning to go for a place where you can be confident enough to say that you reached the edge of the continent, the Tree River is the exact match for that description. This area of Canada is one of the most striking and flawless section of the wilderness here on earth.

Get Reel, Go Fish: Top 5 Fishing Spots In Canada

Image courtesy by Plummerslodges.com

Tree River Supports the Arctic Char fishery in Canada. Arctic Char is another kind of salmon but has a brighter color than the normal one. This fish is pretty known to be elusive, but if you catch one, then you can say that the trip was worth it and fun. The Char’s color is deep green and vibrant red so once you find one, go for it.

Eagle Lake

If you’re in Canada or planning to go to Canada, don’t forget to include Eagle Lake in your itinerary. Eagle lakes scenery will surely take your breath away. It’s home to many small islands which is also the reason why there are a lot of different types of fish living in the area.

Get Reel, Go Fish: Top 5 Fishing Spots In Canada

Image by John Van Horn

This lake is famous for fishes like trout, walleye, northern pike, perch, and smallmouth. But for many fishermen, it’s the muskellunge that really sets the challenge. This fish is quite elusive because of its characteristics which make it challenging to catch, even for the most seasoned anglers.

Reindeer Lake

This lake is named after the numerous herds of caribou who travel the nearby areas during the winter. Aside from the fascinating bodies of water and different varieties of fish it has, it is also known to be the 9th largest lake in Canada. It can be found in the northern lands of Saskatchewan.

Get Reel, Go Fish: Top 5 Fishing Spots In Canada

Image by Norvil Olson via tracksandtrails.ca

Some of the rock formations around the area of Reindeer is Precambrian which means the oldest on this planet. Other than the rock formations, you can also visit Deep Bay. This bay is known for the 700 depth it has because of the meteor that fell 140 million years ago. And local folklore says that a legendary aquatic monster is living in it.

North Lake

Prince Edward Island is the best place to go for fishing tunas. The north lake is famous for the white sands and for the mesmerizing beaches it has. You can also visit the observation tower in this area to complete your north lake escapade.

Get Reel, Go Fish: Top 5 Fishing Spots In Canada

Image by Douglas Sprott via Flickr

Fishing in this lake can give you the opportunity of the lifetime to catch a large size tuna that ranges from 1200 pounds and beyond. So get your rods and other fishing equipment ready for the adventure of a lifetime.


Going to different places to fish is one of the best things to do as a family or even just alone. If you don’t have any idea on how to track or look for fishes, you can try to ask the experts. You can also communicate with companies that focus on fishing for you to have a great guide on Focus Fishing.

Doing activities such as fishing is a fun thing to do especially if you go to beautiful places such as the ones in Canada.