Road trips are an awful lot of fun, but you never know when something could go wrong. From flat tires to lost belongings, there are all sorts of problems that could crop up once you’re on the road. If you want your trip to be hassle-free, you’ll need to plan properly ahead of time. Let this serve as your pre-departure checklist.

Bring Along a First Aid Kit

The most important thing you must bring is a simple first aid kit that will help in the case of any medical emergencies. If someone on the trip falls and cuts themselves, you’ll want to get the wound cleaned and bandaged as quickly as possible. In the case of a broken bone or bruise, an ice pack will help prevent swelling. Pain killing medication is also a good idea in case anyone is the victim of a migraine headache or painful accident.

How to Be Prepared for Any Type of Emergency on a Road Trip

Pack a Flashlight

You never know what could happen when you’re out on the road. If your car battery dies or if your vehicle is disabled in any accident, you might have to find a way to see in the dark. Don’t count on cell phone lights, since you could find yourself out of battery at the pivotal moment. It’s not for nothing that a flashlight has been a staple of road trip safety for generations.

How to Be Prepared for Any Type of Emergency on a Road Trip

Write Down the Phone Numbers of Towing Companies

If your car breaks down, you might need to call someone who can provide towing services. To be ready for such an event, it’s a good idea to have a few phone numbers written down ahead of time. Once the break down has happened, you’ll likely be a little tense. Trying to track down a phone number at such a stressful moment will only add to the tension. Having a sticky note handy will make the whole experience much less harrowing.

How to Be Prepared for Any Type of Emergency on a Road Trip

Pack Blankets and Warm Clothes

If everything goes according to plan, you should find yourself at your place of lodging by bedtime every night. Unfortunately, accidents or breakdowns could make this impossible. As unlikely as such an emergency may be, it’s still best to prepare for it by packing whatever will protect you from the cold.

How to Be Prepared for Any Type of Emergency on a Road Trip

By completing every item on the list, you’ll be ready to handle any emergency that could potentially affect your trip. A bit of preparation is always essential for safe and stress-free traveling.