Although you could curl up anyplace and read, there is something about having just a little read nook in your home you can curl up in and read for hours. A window seat is most likely the most typical spot to locate a reading nook, but you are able to make almost any area in your house a reading nook in case you work at it up a little. A reading nook is not very large and is a good place to unwind. Here are some ideas for decorating your reading nook!

Before You Start Building a Reading Nook.

You might not have a sprawling house library which you might spend weeks in, but you are able to make any room in your house a reading nook. You need only a few things to make a reading nook work. Anatomy of a reading nook before we get to ideas for creating one:

Find the Right Spot.

You are able to make pretty much anywhere in your house a reading nook, though some homes are better compared to others at this. You need to find somewhere with low traffic and somewhere relatively quiet and free of distractions. The under the stairs area, a spare corner of the bedroom, and the back of the closet are good places to hide and read for the day.

Ideas for Creating a Reading Nook

The Perfect Seating.

Once you have the location in which you would like to establish your nook, you require the seating. How much space you have will determine which seating you want for your reading nook. There are tons of seating options available; Just find something that fits and that is comfortable enough for you to sit there for hours.

Ideas for Creating a Reading Nook

The Lighting.

You might enjoy reading by candlelight, but it can really strain your eyes. You want bright lighting so you can read the book clearly without looking at it.

Ideas for Creating a Reading Nook

Add a Side Table.

Some kind of table to put your book, tea, and snacks on while you read is necessary. Just how much space you have will dictate what you do here. You can add a little end table or coffee table or, if you lack space for a table, mount a floating shelf above your chair or use a lap desk.

Ideas for Creating a Reading Nook

Ideas for Building a Reading Nook.

Now that we know the main features of the reading nook, let’s look at some ideas for creating your own reading nook.

Snuggle up next to the Fire.

There is something so romantic and calming about snuggling around a fire with a book. You can make a reading corner out of a fireplace in your house. Set up a chair beside it, a rug, blankets and pillows, and an end table. In case you lack a fireplace but want to have one, you can buy a heater that looks the same as a fireplace and wrap it in faux stone or brick.

Ideas for Creating a Reading Nook

Reading Under the Stairs.

Have you got anything under your staircase? Do you use whatever is currently there? If not, it’s the perfect little retreat to read the day away. You can add some storage options so it can serve several functions, and you can put everything in that little corner. You can go one step further and cover the door to the area in faux stone so no one can open it and see you and interrupt your reading day.

Ideas for Creating a Reading Nook

Build in the Bookshelves.

If you have room for a little library, build a reading nook in your bookshelves. Place it in the center of the wall and place shelves near it for the other books. This may also increase your property value and create a feature that other bookworms will love when you sell your house down the road.

Ideas for Creating a Reading Nook

Build Bench Seating in the Wall.

Have an empty wall that just takes up space? You can definitely turn that into a little book spot. Build some bench seating that doubles as storage space. Then you just need some lighting above the seat, a floating shelf or something, and a few accents. For example, you could use faux stone for your book nook background.

Ideas for Creating a Reading Nook

Go Green.

If you love plants, plant your reading nook! You do not have to use all real plants, just some. You can also use fake plants to give you the charm without having to remember to water them every day. If you go for a boho reading nook like this one, get some wicker furniture and a few beeswax candles.

Ideas for Creating a Reading Nook

Transform Stairs Landing.

Do you have room on the landing for a staircase? Why not make it a reading nook instead? You can get it comfortable enough, and it is out of sight – it just takes up some otherwise unused space.

Ideas for Creating a Reading Nook

Convert an Unused Closet.

Do you have any closets in your home that you never use? That closet would make a great reading nook. Paint the walls, put some lighting up, and some seating. Depending on the dimensions the closet has, you are able to actually leave the door shut to hide for the day.

Ideas for Creating a Reading Nook

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