The COVID-19 pandemic may have halted many individuals’ travel plans in 2020, but that does not mean the itch to travel has gone away. In fact, having to postpone travel has only worked to increase people’s desire to have a grand adventure and explore the world. The following four trips will be the perfect getaways in a post-COVID world.

The Jurassic Coast, U.K.

Any fan of “Jurassic Park” or dinosaurs in general will get a thrill out of The U.K.’s Jurassic Coast. This World Heritage Site stretches out from Exmouth to Dorset, filled with many reptile fossils both on the coast shore and in the area’s local museums. You can learn all about dinosaur history here while soaking in the sun rays in the summer or enjoying a cool stroll in the winter season.

Itching for an Adventure? 4 Trips You Can Plan Post COVID-19

Ayutthaya, Thailand

Bangkok is a blast, and Phuket has some of the best beaches the world has to offer, but Ayutthaya, Thailand, remains one of the country’s highlights. Here, you will come across temples, palaces, monasteries, and statues. In between sight-seeing spots, you can chow down on some local Thai food like mango sticky rice. Watch out for the traffic here, though. Instead of your usual traffic jams, you may just find an elephant stepping over your tuk tuk.

Itching for an Adventure? 4 Trips You Can Plan Post COVID-19

Southern California

California has it all and more: the city, the beach, the mountains, the desert and the forest. With so much to see, you may wonder how you can take it all in. Taking a sightseeing helicopter charter around the area has increased in popularity in recent years due to the stunning views and thrilling adventure helicopters provide. Plus, helicopters will always beat that pesky California traffic.

Itching for an Adventure? 4 Trips You Can Plan Post COVID-19

Santiago, Chile

Chile remains one of South America’s safest travel destinations and one of the most-visited countries in South America. The country has managed to avoid coups and governmental corruption associated with other countries in the continent. The capital, Santiago, is full of neoclassical landmarks, art museums and unparalleled natural sights. Those who love hiking will find paradise with the country’s thousands of miles of hiking trails available. Best of all may just be the food, especially ajiaco, otherwise known as meat soup.

Itching for an Adventure? 4 Trips You Can Plan Post COVID-19

The world may have changed in 2020, but the adventurous soul of travelers remains as strong as ever. Any of the locations mentioned above will be a thrill for all to visit after COVID-19.