If you’re looking for a getaway that includes a beautiful beach, high-end wine bars and restaurants, a top night out and plenty of activities for the whole family, Brighton should be on your list of potential destinations. At the end of the day, when you’ve saved up for weeks if not months to enjoy a spectacular vacation, you deserve the chance to splash out on a trip that will prove to be truly unforgettable. There are a million reasons why Brighton is such a fantastic holiday destination option, and this article will share just a few of the must-see sights with you.

A Top Beach Holiday Destination

As a city that lies on the south coast of the UK, Brighton is a popular holiday destination for domestic and international travellers alike. It’s not just its spectacular views and classy hotels that create Brighton’s appeal, it’s also the fact that there’s a little something for everyone. Here are a few places, attractions and hotels that are well worth a visit when you’re holidaying in Brighton.

Make The Most Of A Trip To Brighton

A Classy yet Inviting Hotel

Given the fact that Brighton is a popular tourist destination, there are an abundance of hotels to choose from which vary in price. However, putting price aside for the sake of showcasing a high-quality hotel, the Malmaison in Brighton offers spectacular views, restaurants and a nice splash of luxury. A room here offers you splendid views of the waterfront, and the hotel itself offers superb facilities.

Make The Most Of A Trip To Brighton

The Best Way to Enjoy the Seafront

Undeniably, England isn’t always the most hospitable nation when it comes to the weather, but Brighton’s beach front impresses regardless of whether the sun is shining. Head to Brighton Pier for a historical trip back to 1899 when it was built and enjoy the many entertainment facilities it offers. If you’re heading to Brighton with the full family, this destination promises to provide joy to all.

Make The Most Of A Trip To Brighton

Enjoy a Full View of the City

Brighton Wheel was erected in 2011, and that makes it a modern spectacle of the city that provides amazing views of both the coast and Brighton’s surroundings. It has 36 capsules, including a VIP capsule for those who love luxury, and offers wonderful panoramic views of historical and famous landmarks. At the highest point on this wheel, you’ll be 50 metres above sea level.

Make The Most Of A Trip To Brighton

A Trip to the Museum the Whole Family will Love

You might find it difficult to get kids at a very young age interested in history and science, but you probably won’t have too much difficulty persuading them to have a look at toys and fun games at the Brighton Toy and Model Museum. It’s not only the children who will be intrigued, you’ll no doubt find yourself immersed in the collection of toys manufactured around Europe over the last few centuries.

Make The Most Of A Trip To Brighton

Brighton really is a city that has at least some appeal for everyone, and it’s a perfect holiday destination for solo travellers, groups of friends and families. Above is a far from exhaustive list of some of the must-see sights in Brighton, but the city has plenty more to offer.