summer time

Puerto Rico – Tropical Paradise

Summer is near, the period when all of us thinking where to take a break from the hardworking year. If… Read More

5 Famous Nude Beaches

Everyone has a different opinion about nudism. Nude beaches can provide especially joy giving you the freedom to connect with… Read More

Fiji – Island Full With “Something For Everyone”

Our planet has many wonderful "heavenly" places that can offer holiday with avoiding dynamic routine. If you are one of… Read More

Roll Over Blue Caves, The Most Spectacular Sea Caves

Blue caves is one of the most stunning views of the Zakynthos island. Blue caves also is known as the blue caves… Read More

Mykonos Top Destination For This Summer

A place rich in archaeological, natural, recreational and traditional beauty, and besides, Mykonos is also exciting jet-set destination inherited natural… Read More

This Summer You Should Visit Navagio Beach

Navagio beach is the biggest attraction on the island of  Zakynthos in Greece. Greece is a country situated in Europe… Read More

9 Cool Pics of Panarea Island in Italy

Panarea is a volcanic island and  is the second smallest of the eight Aeoilan Islands. The total area of Panarea… Read More

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