Digital marketing is a fantastic career for so many different people, whether you’re creative, love writing, are more technically minded or a combination of all! The wonderful thing about digital marketing is that there are so many resources out there, so you can learn so much before you start applying for jobs to really impress. There are a few SEO hotspots in the UK where you will find the best agencies who can guide you, provide really great training and also help you to get a great amount of job satisfaction.

London – Overall

First up we have London as the overall digital marketing location in the UK in terms of jobs! As a result of the sheer size of the city, along with many of the largest UK businesses being based in London, there are often simply more job opportunities there. From PPC to email marketing, paid social to SEO, there are so many jobs across the city. Plus, there are plenty of exciting events in London to help you meet people and gain more experience either in your field, or a field you’re interested in learning more about.

The Best UK Locations For A Career In Digital Marketing

If you’re starting as a junior, it may be best to start your career in another city and then move to London when you have more experience and are able to earn a higher salary, to help you cope with the increased cost of living. With entry level digital marketing jobs starting between £18,000-£25,000 (higher end of the spectrum in London), don’t be afraid to start off in a city closer to home and then eventually branch out to London.

Manchester – SEO

In terms of SEO, Manchester is the place to be. There are some really talented agencies who are at the forefront of SEO, working with exciting clients. As with London, there are so many great events you can attend, plus you get the benefit of living in one of the UK’s biggest cities without the same cost of living as London, and avoiding the awful rush hours!

The Best UK Locations For A Career In Digital Marketing

Doing SEO in Manchester will help you to gain really valuable skills, meet some of the industry’s leading search engine optimisers and kickstart your career in a great way.

Bristol – Freelance

If you’re starting your freelance business and want to build a client base, then Bristol is the way to be. Bristol is known to be one of the country’s best cities in terms of start-up businesses (specifically ones that are successful for a number of years). Often these businesses might not be able to afford agency fees to begin with, so you can get in touch with your services and help them to grow their business. By doing this, you might have some clients who aren’t with you for very long, but others could really take off and you could build high profile clients. If you can’t/don’t want to be based in Bristol, you could set up a location page on your website for the Bristol location to say that this is one of your service areas. This is a great way to kickstart your freelance digital marketing business, just prepare to put yourself out there and reap the benefits!

The Best UK Locations For A Career In Digital Marketing