Summer is a great time to be a homeowner because of having a personalized outdoor space. While there are many ways to make your home appealing year-round, colder seasons can be more limiting on the use of your yard, deck, or patio. Summer is when your outdoor spaces shine, and you can genuinely entertain there.

When it comes to upgrading your outdoor living space, some considerations can help it become a year-round entertainment space as well. What sort of upgrades might you want to consider? Read on to unlock your outdoor space’s potential.

Enhancing Your Home

Enhancing your home in all aspects is a smart move, but the outdoor spaces can often become an afterthought. Thankfully, there are some fascinating options out there to bring out the beauty of the home, inside and out.

The Best Ways to Upgrade Your Home’s Outdoor Living Spaces

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Nothing says “summer entertaining” quite like a barbeque on the patio in the bright summer sun, but can that patio become a year-round source of joy as well? Here are some of the ways to enhance your deck and patio area!

Decking and Patios

The deck and patio area itself is a great place to start making upgrades to your outdoor space. The materials that make up your decks and patios are not only crucial to how long they last and the level of upkeep necessary, they also carry inherent aesthetic value.

Take decks, for example. There are many factors to consider when it comes to selecting your deck materials and composition. Wood decks are prevalent and come in so many forms that it can be tough to pick which to use. Wooden decks may require a higher level of maintenance and care, but they are undeniably beautiful.

The Best Ways to Upgrade Your Home’s Outdoor Living Spaces

Composite decks are more durable and can be as pretty as a traditional wooden deck. Other deck materials exist as well, and it would be worth your while to talk to a contractor about your specific needs.

Decking and Patio Design

Materials are only part of the consideration for potential deck changes. The structure itself is essential and may even affect your material choices. For example, do you envision a full kitchen? A full kitchen can do a lot to make an outdoor space a year-round attraction.

What about more aesthetic features, such as a living wall? Living walls can elevate your landscape and are beautiful ways to integrate nature into the structure of your home. They become even more enchanting over the years, for example, if you also include a pergola.

The Best Ways to Upgrade Your Home’s Outdoor Living Spaces

Pergolas provide shade and structure, and over time, your living wall could even become a living ceiling. Now that is an investment that grows.


Landscaping is another part of upgrading your outdoor living that can pay off in several ways. Creating an eco-friendly home is becoming increasingly important in recent years. Homeowners are doing this in a variety of ways, from adding solar panels to using sustainable materials. Additionally, there are many ways to achieve a balance of beauty and eco-friendliness.

The Best Ways to Upgrade Your Home’s Outdoor Living Spaces

Consider landscaping. A lush green lawn does have an aesthetic appeal, but it also requires a large amount of water. Eco-friendly landscaping can help reduce your usage of water. Eco-friendly landscaping can be achieved in a number of ways, ranging from strategic tree planting to reducing grass and embracing a more natural appearance to your outdoor spaces.


Fireplaces are places of warmth and comfort, and they’re a great way to maintain use of your outdoor entertaining space even on autumn and winter evenings. An outdoor fireplace can elevate the appeal of your outdoor living space in ways that no other features can.

The Best Ways to Upgrade Your Home’s Outdoor Living Spaces

Fireplaces can come in many forms, ranging from traditional, wood-hearth structures, to fire pits, to outdoor ovens. Even then, you would need to consider if you want to have a wood-burning, electric, or gas fireplace. When deciding on a fireplace, consider your needs, the environment of your outdoor space, and always take safety into account. Note: you may need a robust concrete foundation and other hardscaping updates.

Though there are many decisions involved, a fireplace can make an impressive addition to your outdoor spaces for year-round fun.

Enjoying and Profiting From Your Outdoor Space

Besides beautifying your home and creating room outside for relaxation, upgrading your outdoor living spaces can also be profitable. While the kitchen is usually the first room factored into a purchasing decision, all aspects of the home add to the appeal and possible price. An elegant, functional outdoor space can be a huge selling point for potential buyers.

The Best Ways to Upgrade Your Home’s Outdoor Living Spaces

Work with Contractors

While a lot of this work can be done on your own, it is not recommended. Depending on the scale of your project, you may need to work with a trusted contractor who can tackle the most demanding tasks for you. For example, an excellent decking company can work with you on the design of your deck and then handle the work while you enjoy the comfort of your home. Some contractors even offer financing that allows you to break ground on your outdoor remodel without breaking the bank.

Whether you want a summer spot or a year-round entertaining space, we hope you’re inspired to upgrade your outdoor living space and maximize its potential!