Nothing beats rolling up your sleeves and giving a dusty room hell. But the busier we get, those ‘go big’ clean moments happen less and less, and we find ourselves just tidying to make do – applying a Band-Aid rather than finding a solution. So how do you banish dust and hold onto a squeaky clean area longer than a few hours? Well there is no silver bullet, a combination of straightforward measures will have you enjoying your home faster than you think.

The Right Material

You may have all the whiz-bang cleaning products and know-how there is, but if your home materials and surfaces are not right, then all of your efforts may be in vain. Choosing a vinyl material for your indoor and outdoor surfaces is a non-stick solution to keep dust at bay. Leather and concrete have a way of collecting dust, with the upkeep a constant mission. Choosing the right colour vinyl will reduce your efforts further, with a grey or neutral tone hiding a multitude of dusty sins.

The Clean Freaks Arsenal: How to Fight Back Against Dust

Survey Your Airflow

Whether it’s flowing in and out freely, or trapped and closed off – airflow will impact the amount of dust your home collects. Like most things, a moderation of the two will ensure your home is fresh with a manageable dust deposit. Where you live and what time of year it is will be the main consideration.

The Clean Freaks Arsenal: How to Fight Back Against Dust

With building sites or main roads just outside the window, you may want to usher the airflow through the back part of the house through a door. Remote and leafy spaces you are afforded some freedom with the windows open, as there is little dust particles to drift in. Experiment with opening doors and windows at certain parts of the day and see if you can remain dust-free and breezy in the process.

Enlist The Experts

We place so much pressure on ourselves. We have to dominate at the office, maintain a experimental yet balanced diet, and take time to be social and creative. So, what’s the harm in hiring a cleaner to share the load and give us back some valuable time? Employing a cleaner does not mean you can’t clean, and it certainly doesn’t mean you are lazy. It means you value a clean space to live in, but accept that your work and play priorities are more important.

The Clean Freaks Arsenal: How to Fight Back Against Dust

Whether it’s once a week, once a fortnight, or at the start of every month for a deep clean – start shopping around for the right cleaner for you and give it a test run. You won’t know yourself when you walk into a beautiful dust-free home and a free evening to spend how you like.

Set Up a Regime

I’ll spare you the ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’ routine. But the fact is, any routine that you design yourself will keep you accountable. If you like to get up early on the weekend to clean and dust – have at it! If your weekends are for relaxing and socialising, commit to a few hours on a free weeknight. There is nothing surer than the fact that the dust will come, and it will build if not addressed regularly so nominate your dusting time and don’t skip out on it.

The Clean Freaks Arsenal: How to Fight Back Against Dust

Dust makes a room feel unloved and uncared for. And did we mention that it’s not too friendly on the sinus’! Reclaim your home and proof it against future dust invasions with improved materials, strategic airflow, and a cleaner or a cleaning schedule that will keep you accountable throughout the week.