Vacations have been hard to schedule recently, so an RV can make travel possible and simple again. You can bring your own hotel room to wherever it is you’re planning to stay and avoid exposure to too many folks.

Buy Big Enough

It can be tempting to go small when buying an RV for family trips; after all, you’ll be sleeping inside, but most of your goal is to get your family into the great outdoors. However, it takes only one rainy day to make a small RV feel miniscule. To avoid too much togetherness, invest in an RV where everyone will have their own bunk away from the seating area and dining room table, and try to make sure that everyone has their own charging outlet.

Tips for Purchasing an RV for Your Summer Vacations

Buy New Enough

A used RV may be tempting if the price is right. If you choose to go with an older rig, contact the parks where you want to stay to see if they have any age restrictions. There are many parks that won’t take older RVs for fear of abandonment. There are also RV parks that can’t take buses or class B vans that don’t have black tanks. Carefully consider where you want to travel before getting a used RV to reduce the risk of limiting your camping options.

Tips for Purchasing an RV for Your Summer Vacations

Take the Driving Class

If you’ve never towed a vehicle or driven a moving truck, your first vacation is a rough time to learn. Many RV sellers and resellers offer a driving class for new RVers to reduce the risk of damaging the rig or having a wreck. If you can’t get to your RV, consider an RV transport service, then get the RV out into an open lot and run through the paces until you’re comfortable. Try to rent a pull-thru site for your first few camping adventures.

Tips for Purchasing an RV for Your Summer Vacations

Consider a Large SUV as a Tow Vehicle

Unless you want a 5th wheel RV, which requires a truck, consider using an SUV as your tow vehicle. A large SUV will give you several benefits on your RV adventure. First of all, you’ll have extra storage in the back. Secondly, you’ll have plenty of seating for guests if your child wants to bring a friend. Finally, you’ll have quiet time for someone to hang out if they get overwhelmed. With an SUV and a bumper pull, you will have more options for everyone in your group.

Tips for Purchasing an RV for Your Summer Vacations

If you want to safely take vacations this year, consider purchasing an RV. Use some of the above tips to help you in your search.